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  • Making Origami
    • In this project my goal was to make 40 different origami things, they could be animals, toys, flowers, birds, or anything else I would want to know how to make. My goal was to finish this project in 2 quarters or a semester, but I couldn't make that much origami in such a small time period. I decided to expand this project to three maybe even four quarters. I chose this project because it seemed fun to do origami and most of the time you end up with a really cool product.

Top Reflections:

  • I tried to make an origami airplane today and it didn't go so well, it looked okay, but it didn't fly very well. If I could make it again I would use tissue paper or actual origami paper, so that it would be less weight and could fly better. On Wednesday I tried using the new book. I tried to make a ninja star, but it was very difficult because you had to do math in order to know where to fold the paper.

    • I chose to highlight this reflection because I explained what I tried to make this week and what didn't go well making them. I also explained what i could do next time in order to make the origami pieces come out better. It also gives a good explanation on what i did this week without the reflection being like super long.

Top Critique:

  • On the main page you should post a link to the webpage where you found the oragami. This way other people can make it. Another idea i have is to add a video of you making the oragami to give kinda of a walkthourgh. I like the pictures but i think you could do more on the page.

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