MSJ4 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Project 6
    • I chose this project because I love roller coasters and always wanted to build roller coasters when I grew up. I made really cool roller coasters in my game. I tried to make a Cedar Point park and add their coasters. I added some of the coasters like the Dragster and the Gatekeeper. Many of the people in my game wanted to keep riding them and they loved all of my roller coasters. This project has been going really good so far and I hope I can keep making really Cool roller coasters.

  • Project 5
    • I chose this project Because I've read comic books my whole life and I wanted to show the world about how cool they are. I started by looking at popular comic review websites so when I made mine I can relate to it. Then I just typed reviews of my favorite comics I read over the years. As of now, only kids in my school can read my comic reviews. Soon I hope to show the review to the world. Maybe some day everyone will be reading my Cool Comics Review.

  • Project 4
    • I chose this project because I always wanted to design and print something 3D. I started by watching YouTube videos to find out how to design my project and use the 3D printer before starting the project. First I created a mini house for my first project and then I started playing around with the shapes. I also made a mini tractor and turtle. I printed my mini house first and it took about 2 hours and 30 minutes. I might print the mini turtle and tractor next and also make some more design
  • Project 3
    • I chose this project because I always wanted to find out what you can do in Minecraft with Redstone. I have been playing Minecraft for a long time but I didn't know how to make contraptions out of Redstone. So far, I have made one really cool trap that's a combination lock door. I posted the video of how to make it on YouTube. That's what I'm going to do with all my other traps. My goal is to get many views, likes, and subscribers on my Minecraft YouTube channel. As I go on I'll get better at making traps and soon my traps will be way better than before.
  • Project 2 (Continued)
    • I chose this project because I like making my own games. I'm still doing this project because every day I do it my goal is to make a level even more harder than the one before it. I think this is going to be my my last Gamestar Project but to end it off I'm making two games with 15 levels. I'm going to make these games the hardest they can be. That's why I like Gamestar Mechanic, because you can your own games that challenge you and everyone else that plays your game.
  • Project 1
    • I chose this project because I always loved to play games and I always wanted to try to make my own easy game. So I tried Gamestar Mechanic and made my own games. First I tried to do some easy levels and post them online. Next I got some help from my friends so they can teach me some more advanced things in Gamestar Mechanic. So far, I'm making a 20-30 level game and right now I'm on my tenth level. I think Gamestar Mechanic is really fun for gamers and not gamers.

Top Reflections:

  • I / We think...
  • That my Raptor roller coaster has been going really good. It goes upside down 9 times. It is 113 feet in the air and has a huge drop. Next I will try to add triggers to my theme park which will make fire and water go everywhere. I really hope it works out good
    • I chose this reflection because it shows how big my newest coaster is. It tells the reader about how my coaster would look like if they saw it in real life. It talks about the Raptor in my theme park that is actually from Cedar Point. It goes upside down a lot and is an inverted roller coaster. It also talks about what I did next which was to add triggers like fire and water triggers. Hopefully this project will do good in the next quarter.

  • I / We think...
  • That i have done really good today with my new project. I already made two reviews which were top 10 alternate versions of batman and Spider-Man New Ways to Die. Hopefully people will start to read them. I was having problems earlier because Google Sites wasn't working. I found out that I wasn't using Google Chrome for it. My next review will be Deadpool Kills Deadpool.
    • I chose this reflection because it showed the beginning of my project. It tells the reader about all the comic book reviews I have written so far. It also shows the problems I had at the start of my project with Goggle Sites. Then it shows how I got it to finally work. It says what comic book I want to review next which is Deadpool Kill Deadpool. I really hope this project goes good into the next quarter.

  • I / We want to learn...
    How to use Google SketchUp so we can start designing. We want to start designing our figures by next Tuesday. We don't know how long it will take to finish designing and start printing. The printing process will take a very long time and we think we will finish our project by the end of the quarter. Today all we ended up doing was doing research of Google SketchUp.
    • I chose this reflection because it showed what we were doing first. It tells the reader that were trying to learn about Google SketchUp so we can start designing. This reflection was the first reflection of the year that I made so it doesn't really say what I was printing. It shows the reader that I want to try to finish the project by the end of the quarter. That day we figured out how to use the program and how to design things. We also state that the printing would take a long time which it did.

  • || I / We want to learn... How to buy all the materials without spending too much money. I bought batteries for $70 but I returned them because they were too much. the final project is not that much money if you buy them at the store. If you buy the materials, the final project would cost too much. ||
    • I chose this reflection because it tells the reader how much the materials are. It shows all about the materials and what I used.

  • I / We want to know... How to make a really good trap but not using so many blocks. There are really cool things you can do with Redstone in Minecraft but you would have to use tens of thousands of blocks. I also want to make it harder for people to find the trap. Right before they walk into the trap they find out that its a trap. I try to make the trap underground but its really hard to do.
    • I chose this reflection because It tells other people what my questions were and how I could overcome them.

  • I / We want to learn... How to teleport to different places in the game. I also am getting confused of how to make the screen bigger, it's not letting me do it. I'm also getting ideas from other peoples games and levels. I'm also trying to get stuff without paying money. It's pretty fun getting to make different kinds of games.
    • I chose this reflection because it showed what I was trying to do and how to do it. It also showed how I was confused of how to do things in the games.

Top Critiques:

  • When do you post your videos on YouTube?
    • I chose this critique because it asks a question that a lot of people would ask.

How are you going to color in your drawings? Will you be using watercolor?
  • I chose this critique because it asks two important questions about their drawing project.
  • How much will you sell your DIY's for?
    • I chose this critique because It asks a important question that people need to know if they want to buy the DIY's

  • I think you should make it easier because it is really hard to beat and you should take away some monsters.
    • I chose this critique because it helps the other person who is making the game know what to do to make the game easier for all players.

  • I think you should add some pop out stickers or make it waterproof.
    • I chose this critique because it shows what they should add to their project

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