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  • Mika's Voice Sounds Project
    • "This project is taking new recordings I create and mixing them all into one song. This project is an ok project. I probably would have wanted to choose something different but I do not want to quit. This project has it's ups and downs but overall it isn't bad. I have three or four recordings so far and my first one wasn't very good. I would call it an experiment. The first recording is all muffle and crackly and not a good sound people would want to listen to. My second recording was created on I used that website to help create a better recording and it worked. It isn't muffle at all nor is it cracky. It is a nice, clear, bold sound. My third and fourth recording are also used on incredibox, and they sound great. They have great and clear sounds and I am also happy with those. I have been using an app lately to help pull some of my better recordings together. I think this app is a great app to use but I am not so sure it will record them all together but I will make sure."
  • Marissa and Mika's Photography Page
    • "This project is exploring new levels with photography. We not only look at other pictures, we take them. All of the edits we have posted are on pictures we have taken. Also, we make tips pages. Such as, editing, what not to do, lighting, top five facts when editing, and more to come. Since this is also a learning experience, we will add more tips to our pages as we go along. Most of the tips we have written are pretty good and we have plenty more tips to add as we move along with this project. In our tips pages we also like to give examples and we always give our own pictures as examples. I think we have a great start to this project and we have a great learning experience ahead of us."
  • Project 1 (delete this and replace with project name)
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.

Top Reflections:

  • "On tuesday I worked with garage band and got a pretty good recording. I din't think it was as good as I could do so I re-did it today. I made a whole new recording today. It has a bunch of different noises and sounds inside of the music if you really listen closely you can here the weird keyboard sounds but they make the song sound very different. I like the keyboard in the background because it doesn't make the sound too simple. I posted that recording to the wiki and I think it is a very good recording. I think it is one of my better recordings and it is my first full recording off of garage band. I am very happy with my achievment today and I think I got a lot done."
    • I chose to put this reflection here because this reflection goes over a lot of productive things I did. I made a whole new recording and posted it to the wiki all in one day. I made that song very good but if you really listen closly, you can hear all of these different noises I included and I was able to explain that in my reflection. Also, I chose this reflection because it was the reflection I did after I created my first full recording on garage band. I think this reflection tells a lot of good things I did that day and I am very proud of it.
  • "I didn't get another recording on the wiki, but I did mix some of my recordings. I plan to post them next week though. We worked in our triads today and I evaluated Jack's project today. I reviewed it and gave feedback too. I also worked with my app and I found out that there are new generations and I tried a new generation. I had been using an old one and now I am using the 2013 generation. I am pretty happy with my work today and I plan to get a new recording on the wiki for next time."
    • I chose to highlight this reflection here because it explains a lot of things that I got done in one day. I gave feedback in our triads and I mixed some of my previous recordings to get a start on my big song. I also worked some on incredibox and recorded a new song. The new song was created on the newest version of incredibox 2013. The 2013 version has many more cool sounds that really made my song sounds amazing. This reflection really does say evrything I did that day and I think that you could tell how hard I worked to acheive all of that in one day.
  • "Today Marissa and I finished our editing tips page. Although, it doesn't have many tips yet, we can possibly add as we go. We did work hard to pick the perfect picture to go with each tip and we were determined to finish it today and I think we did a great job. We also posted it to the wiki, if you go to our photography page and then to the editing tips by M&M you will see that page."
    • I choose to highlight this reflection here because I remember getting a lot done those two days and I thought I really exemplified my hard work in the reflection. I thought it was a very good reflection because I explained thoroughly what I did that day and how hard I worked. I thought it was a very good reflection and I was proud of my work that day.

Top Critiques:

  • "I think you have a really good start to this project but, what goals are you setting throughout this project? What do you want to accomplish in this project? I think this is a great start but you need to have more of a goal to accomplish during this project. Good job so far!"

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