MRM9's Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • DIY Lip Scrubs
    • This project was my favorite project so far because I love doing DIY'S and this was a baking and arts and craft DIY. I made lip scrubs and they turned out perfectly the ingredients and steps were simple but they challenged me to put my own twist on the recipe i did different flavors and DIY some of the containers. I also made a video that turned out ok but it was blurry at first but then i put in drive and modified the video then posted it on YouTube. It was a fairly easy project but it was fun and a new experience because i had never made or used a lip scrub so it was fun to experiment. I sold the lip scrubs for a reasonable price to make up for the price of the materials i had several buyers and it was a hit.

  • Polymer Clay and Arts & Crafts
    • This project is a really fun project because it introduces projects i'v never done before like polymer clay and duct tape crafts. First when I stared I thought the polymer clay would be way to hard and I would not be able to finish the project. Then I realized the challenge is good for me and I could make it fun even though it is advanced and you need former experience. I did not get it right away but on the second to third day the clay turned out just how i wanted it. I just recently started the arts & crafts part and that is very creative. I am going to make a video on the duct tape craft after i feel confident of what I am making. Overall this project is a great way to get more skilled in arts & crafts and learn to start something new.

  • Holiday Crafts
    • This project taught me how to take/make better videos. I did loose the footage I filmed while doing this project over quarter two. I learned how to take online DIY'S and make them my own. All though know-one could see my project it made me stronger in different ways... I learned how to make videos more interesting by adding music, transitions, and excitement. Another skill that I improved in was being more organized so I don't lose most of my project.
  • Holiday Recipes with MRM9 & LGD1
    • This project was good for me because I love holidays and baking. It also taught me new skills for editing videos like adding music and voice overs. It also taught me how to use a cake pop maker and also learned how to make muffins. I did't know how to make muffins till we made them in are project. I also did not think of saying the steps instead of just showing what we are doing. I also learned how to work well with a partner and how to compromise and make it OUR video.

  • Allie and Magnolia's Fall Themed Art Show
    • I liked this project because it showed me a lot of skills you use when you draw. I liked this project because it didn't only teach me drawing skills it also taught me how to post and film videos. I really love drawing so this was a great project for me. I liked this project so much i might do it will a different season.
  • Mrm9's Holiday Decorations
    • I like this project because it taught me how to do DIY decorations with little and simple tools. It also taught me how to make my own DIY videos. I really like making projects and and making my own videos so this was the right project for me.
  • Mrm9's Holiday Decorations
    • I like this project because it showed me how to work alone and find and make projects. It also taught me how to make and post my own videos. Art's and craft's is really fun and this project has a lot of arts and craft's in it so I really enjoy this project.

Top Reflections:

  • Describe your progress towards your goals...

This is the best project so far because i love what i am making and it shows me new mixtures. I am editing the video right now and all i have to do is finish and post the video and make more lip scrubs for maker fair.

    • I choose this reflection because it really expresses how well this project turned out. It also shows how i didn't just follow the recipe i added my own twist on it and added my own flavors. It also shows how i am on track and am managing time well. I was editing the video and almost ready to post and I also had to make more lip scrubs. I am used to making them so i would not take long it was also working out because nothing went wrong with the lip scrubs.

  • I/We got further than I/we had planned because...

    I got further than i planned because i posted the video with out any help because now i know how to do it on my phone. I posted the video so fast that i got to make a project page and post the video to it. My portfolio was not finished so i started that also. I didn't want to only to do polymer clay so i made my project polymer clay and arts and crafts.

    • I choose this reflection because I put extra effort into project because i posted the video with out asking some to help me or do it for me. I also got further on my plan because i was focused and determined to get it done. I wanted to get the project completed all in one day so i wouldn't have to spread it out and not remember where i posted the video.

  • One way we might solve this problem ...

    I should not do the letters at all because it is not working and it is a huge problem.
    • I choose this reflection because it show how if you start over and rethink the way you wanted to do it it might turn out better. Because it would make it worse if i went with the letters. I thought of another plan to replace the letters. It worked I found a problem to my solution and it is even better. I used sharpie and it looked cleaner and more pretty because i wrote my self and i got to make my own font.

  • One example of a FAILure we had was ...
    When we under cooked the the muffins because we did not watch the time and plan ahead so we had to rush to finish on time. we also filmed from a bad angle because we did not realize that we weren't really showing everything. So we are gonna do a voice over with the steps how to do it.
    • I choose this reflection because it shows are failure and how we can improve and be better at what we failed at. When i look back at my reflections it will remind me not to do it again.

  • We were efficient because ... I forgot more glue for the glue gun
    • choose this reflection because i made a mistake and know know i will not make the same mistake next time.
  • My achievement was affected by ... This caused ...Other people talking to me and distracting me. Next time i will focus on my project.
    • I choose this reflection because I get distracted easy and every time I do my plan it reminds me to not talk when I am working so i can finish my project
  • I did not get as far as I planed because... It is my first time trying this project and I did not want to mess up so I was spending a while on cutting out the papers.
    • I choose this reflection because It is one of my stronger reflections that doesn't just say what I did.

Top Critiques:

  • What are you doing after you make the mug cakes? Selling them?
    • I choose this critiqe because I was wondering what would she do after the proccess of the baking. would she give people free samples for feed back. Would Allie sell them to make up for the money of the products she baked with.
  • I suggest you put your steps of your project on your project page to show progress

    • I chose this critique because the viewers on Ava's project page don't know how her drone works. She is not showing her steps. If someone wasnts to know about her project some one would not know how.
  • You could make a project page with a video or photos to show what your process is.

    • I choose this critique because it can help by improving what they need to work on so there project is even better. So if someone wanted to know about his project there would be something to show the steps on the process of the project.

  • Are you making more to sell? What do you learn when you make the train [ mechanics?]

    • I choose this critique because i was wondering how he project helped him learn. What new skills did micheal learn by biulding it. Did it give hime skills he can use in the future.

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