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Top Projects:

  • Project Ava and Madeline's Photos
    • I chose this project because I was really interested in photography.We learned a lot during this project, we learned about the different lighting, how to change the lense, about different lenses. The hardest part of this project was the bokeh effect. It was hard to get the round blurred lights in the back. Once we learned more about it and the different lighting tricks, it was pretty easy. We got some really cool pictures from using these lighting tricks.

  • Project Madeline and Carley's Arm Knitting
    • I chose this project because it turned out to be very successful. All the goals Carley and I made for this projects were fulfilled. It did take us a while to find time to do the project, because it is a project you have to finish once you start. Carley came over to my house and we did the project then. One thing I really like about this project is that the scarf will be useful. Also we were worried about how the pattern of the scarf would turn out. We thought that some areas would be looser than others, and that there would be holes in the scarf. Luckily there were only a couple of lose threads and were not very noticeable.

  • Project Madeline and Carley's Diy Tumblr T's
    • I chose this project because this has been my favorite project so far. I like the design aspect of it. Also that we get to decide exactly how the shirt looks. It is a very creative project that involves different skills, such as measuring, computer, ironing, creativity and photography. So far for this project we have only gotten to the computer part. Carley and I both picked out are png's. Png's are pictures with a transparent background which makes them perfect for putting on T-shirts. On the computer we found our top three favorite png's and we edited the png's, turned them into pdf's and printed them on normal paper to se how they turn out. We did this to see if they would be the right size for the shirts. Our next steps s to start working with the png's on T-shirts.

  • Project Madeline, Ava, and Kasey's Video Editing Project
    • I chose this project, because it is fun, and I have learned a lot of new skills. The first thing we did in this project was assign roles, because this is a three person project we made roles/jobs for everyone, so that we would have something to do each day. After we assigned roles we started working with the green screen. We watched multiple YouTube videos on how to set up the green screen. After we had filmed against the green screen we found images to put in the back. We learned to put in the picture first and then add the video on top, and then change the format of the video to green screen. After successful use with the green screen we made two videos with this affect. We then tried experimenting with thumbnails, we still have not figured it out yet, but will continue trying. We have also learned how to use the microphone on the mac. We have used this in our videos a couple of times when doing interviews, and a fake TV report. We tried using garage band to change songs for our video, we did not add it in yet but will come back to it. Currently we are working on a fun documentary where we will be using these new skills and adding them to our video for more excitement. This is a fun project and you learn a lot of cool skills, and I would recommend giving it a try.

Top Reflections:

  • /"We learned"... While we were doing this project we learned about lighting. We learned that different lenses let in more or less light. Also we learned that standing a foot or two away from the background will make it blurry and will focus on your face. We also learnd how to take care of lenses and properly use the. This project gave us room for learning a lot of new photography skills.
    • I chose this reflection because I think that it explains exactly what I learned. I think this because I did not leave out anything. I think it was good because I went in detail about what I learned. Also people can learn what I learned from this reflection. I also told about a lot of things that I learned.

  • What helped your learning? Me and Carley watched a video that showed you how to do the project. It showed us step by step how to do it. It was also very helpful that we could pause the video. This helped because we could take our time and catch up with the project. Also there were many pictures on pinterest that showed us how to do it.
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because it has a good order and it is nicely explained. I explained everything that helped me learn for this project. I also put two different ways I learned, not just one. I also thought my grammar was good for this reflections. I leo got to the point quickly and did not add in non important stuff.

  • My thoughts are different from yours... I believe that Diy tumblr shirts has a learning experience from it. We will be learning and using hands on skills to complete this project. We will also be using the good quality camera to take pictures of our shirts, and posting them to pinterest. We then need to learn how to get the pictures from the camera to pinterest. The hands on challenge is the desighn part as well as the cutting. We will be learning how to properly measure clothing to the right fit.
    • I chose this reflection because I succesfully got my thoughts across. I mentioned everything that backed up my first statement. I found the evidence that this project has a learning experience in it. I also chose this because our project was not going to be approved but this reflection stated that there was learning and what we would learn. This reflection also is clearly stated so that people understand what I am trying to say.

  • One frustration I/we had was trying to add thumbnails. We thought it would be easier than it really was. The problem was that our youtube was not the same as the people in the videos showing us how to add thumbnails. We did make some collages to add in but we don't know how. We will continue to try and see if we can do it. I do really want to learn how to do it cause it makes videos a lot cooler.
    • I chose this reflection because I have brought up thumnails in previous reflections but did not explain well. In this reflection I explained what happened and why it didn't work, but I used facts. I also took my time on this reflection, I did not rush through it to get it done. I have said everything I wanted to say in the reflection and hopefully it will encourage us to not give up on the thumbnails, because it is something we really would like to learn.

Top Critique:

  • You found some really cool videos for your highlight, but how will you be sharing this video? You may want to post in on youTube so that more people can see it, other than people in our class. Project was very interesting.
    • I chose this critique because it was simple but meaningful. I said what I wanted to say and it didn't take long to say it. I also was nice, but got my point across. I also gave an example of how they could share there video, they made.

  • I think it's a really cool and unique project, but you may want to post the videos on youtube. Also you may want to speak a little louder in the videos. It is a little hard to understand what you are saying. Other than that cool project.
    • I chose this critique because I thought it was a helpful critique. I also gave 2 different ideas to help the project. I explained how to make the video better also an idea of how to share the video. I also was nice in the critique. I thought it was very nice but helpful.

  • I thought the video was very well done. However where will you be posting the video. Also in the video it is the same sorrundings and it looks like you are watching the same clip over and over again. I would recomend either doing more jumps or trimming the video. Very cool project!
    • I chose this critique because I was very specific. I thought I clearly stated what should be improved, but I also said it nicely. I also did not suggest just one thing there were a few good suggestions, that I hope were taken under consideration. I think this is one of my best because I took the time writing it, and it turned out good.

  • I think it is good you a trying a challenging project. You should consider making videos on ways to be successful with sim city. You may also want to add more residential zones, because you have had your city for a while, but the don't have a large population. Just some things you may want to consider. Cool project.
    • I chose this critique because I was specific on what he could improve on. Because I have worked with sim city before I did have some tips for him. I also explained what I liked about the project. I also added in two different ideas to try to improve the project. I went into detail about the good and bad about the project. I was also nice about it.

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