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  • "Today we finished a new song that is really great! We had problems posting it because it wouldn't send on email but we will try again next class.I think this project is working because we have learned so much. We have learned that you can't give up when something doesn't sound right. For example, if a beat didn't go with the guitar or something like that, then we would try again until something came out good. Also, we learned in learning that we have to work together and no one can do all the work. We are good at this because we all help eachother and do one instrument".
    • I chose this because this was an important week. We figured out a big problem. Also, we figured out more as musicians. Also, we finished a great song.
  • "We finished one really good video. This time we made a flower growing, then the leaf floating away. This was our second really good and professional one. We feel really successful this quarter with Istop motion because we really stepped it up. We/I learned hard work means you can be very successful.."
    • I chose to highlight this reflection for the IStopMotion project because it really showed determination for making a good, professional stopmotion. It showed how I felt about this quarter. It also shows what I learned.
  • "We finished our proposal in two days and it is very successful. We will start next class with our first catergory, outdoors. But if it is too cold outside we will go to our second catergory. We learned there is a lot involed in Photography. We found a lot of good tips and are excited to start this new project for the third quarter."
    • I chose to highlight this reflection from the beginning of me and Mikas photography project because we had a big success and were ready to start this project well with a good understanding of what we are doing.

Top Critiques

  • "I like how you post pictures to keep track of your progress, but maybe below each picture you could explain in a bit more detail how and why you made that certain thing out of leather."
  • "I do think you need to explain the program a little more, I didn't really understand what it is about. Also, maybe you could take pictures of your progress."

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