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This was the first project I ever did. I was new to the class because I joined late. I wanted to work with a group so I could try the material out. I knew Taylor and Leila already, so we decided to team up. After a long time of thinking, we decided to film our own newscasts. We didn't want to copy a real news show, so we came up with our own. (Channel Durf. Durf being the fake number of the channel our show was on.) We had a lot of fun, but after a while we wanted to try a different project. This brings me to my next project...

After Channel Durf was over I wanted to try something totally different. All I really wanted to do after that was play computer games and iPod and iPad apps. So I decided to play games and apps, and then write reviews on them. To start, I played some games that I had played before or I had heard about from other people. Then started wring short, sweet reviews to start practicing. Then I began to start finding games online that were popular, played them, and gave my opinion through my reviews, same with the iPod and iPad apps. I got tired of playing a bunch of random games every day, but I still enjoyed writing the reviews. This brings me to my next project...

I thought it would be fun to still keep writing reviews, but on a different topic. A topic like TV shows and Movies. I love acting, and I thought that writing reviews and finding mistakes and fault with professionals might make me a better actor. But unfortunately I made the choice to switch near the end of the year so I only got two or three reviews done. But it was a good experience while it lasted.

Top Reflections:

  • 10-5-11: We are making our first video! We planned it outtoday, and we are going to start filming next class.We learned that when making a video, you always have tohave a plan before you start filming.

  • I picked this reflection because it was the first reflection we wrote after planning and beginning to film our first video. It also shows what we learned before making our first video.

  • 1-11-12: Because the 2nd semester is coming up, we are doing different things. My new 'thing', is rating and reviewing popular internet games, and apps.

  • I picked this reflection because it was when I first decided to switch to reviews.

  • 5-18-12: I am going to watch a Saturday Night Live episode and write a review on it. The episode‚Äôs host is Will Ferrell and its musical guest is Usher.

  • I chose this reflection because it was my first reflection that involved my first review on a Saturday Night Live episode.

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