These are my reviews for internet games and iPod and iPad apps:

Game Name
Comments about the game
Jetpack Joyride
external image jetpack_joyride_screenshot_1.PNG
Jetpack Joyride by Halfbrick studios is a very fun and entertaining game. The graphics are great and the sound effects are very creative. The object of the game it to get to the next level, but collect coins while doing so. With your coins you can buy and unlock special effects on machines, new jetpacks, and accessories for 'Barry.' All this for free! Go download 'Jetpack Joyride' on the app store.
Lemonade Stand
external image lemonadestand-300x241.png
It was half fun half boring for a while, but then it got to just plain boring. All you do is sit there and watch people walk up to your virtual lemonade stand and either pay, or walk away. There is a speed up mode which makes it go faster, but you still have to wait about 3-4 minutes for it to be over and then you go to the store and buy more stuff for your stand. The only 'fun' part is seeing how much money you have, and finding out what you can buy. It's an okay game to play if your bored and you don't have any other good gmaes left to play. It entertains you for probobly 10 minutes, then you give up. Try it out for yourself.
I thought it was an entertaining game for the most part. It makes you think before you act which helps you out in the planning part of it. Like the game 'Cut the rope', it has some physics in the object. You have to cut the chains to let the balls roll into the vases. But sometimes thinking is not always a good idea before acting beacuse if you don't have the correct hypothosis for where the balls are going to go, you could end up losing the game. But at the end of the day, i thought it was a fun, clever, well thought of game. Try it!
Temple Run (App)
Temple run is now one of my favorite games! The plot is very clever, the graphics are great, and it's free in the app store! It has very simple commands and controls, so it's easy for smaller children, and the sound effects fit the plot of the game, and give you an idea of what is going on, And to think it's all free? Unbelievable. I loved it! Go download it right now!
You can download it in the Apple app store.
I thought it was cute, and somewhat entertaining. But it seems like a very common thing to make a game object of. The object of the game 'Snorzees' is to click on the pairs of colored charachters. You can turn the screen to create pairs yourself. You try to make pairs out of all of the charachters until they are all eliminated. It seems like a very common game in my opinion. I was looking for something a little bit more entertaining, and clever. Unfortunately, i did not love this game. It wasn't 'Fun' to me. But try it if you want to.
Bloon Tower defense III
I thought that the coolmath game Bloons Tower defense was an entertaining game. I thought it was amusing watching the balloons pop, on account of deadly violent weapons. It was fun to upgrade the weapons, and it was exciting when I got enough money to buy a Super Monkey with plasma vision. I think it makes kids feel good when the achieve their goal of buying super monkeys. I think it helps kids understand that in everything, even in video games, you can always achieve goals. I really liked this game. But, I didn't love it either. Try it, and post your own opinion.
Cut the rope (App)
I thought it was a very fun game. Zeptolab (C) did an excellent job with the spacing of levels, graphics, and sound effects. I thought it was a really cute game. Plus it has a bit of science in it. Physics! Kids don't know it, but they are learning about the potential that the candy has, and the kinetic energy that is happening right before their eyes. It shows gravity as well. I thought the color was nice too. There was the green Om-Nom, a lot of yellow in the stars and sparkles, and the orange and red candy. I didn't get dizzy looking at it with all the colors, and the movement. Nice job Zeptolab (C), love it!
You can download it in the Apple app store.
Rotate and roll
It was a fun, entertaining source of pointlessness. It's pointless, but fun! It had nice background music which kept you in a patterned motion. The effects were great. But it was on a math based website. Where's the math? Another thing is that I would slow down the balls when their rolling on the boards. Little kids playing could get frusterated, and I got just a bit frusterated myself. But I thought it was a fun game. Try it.
Angry Birds (App)
Fun, clever, and full of energy. Funny sound effects. But I did get bored after a while. A very nice thing to have with you if you have a few miutes of free time on your hands. If I had the power to change one thing, I would change the levels just a liitle bit. Some go from super easy to super hard. At least have on in between. I would download Angry Birds!
You can download it in the Apple app store.
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