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  • Quarter 4 2014-2015:
    • I chose this project because I was in the making of DIY's. It shows that you can do a project and not really have time to do a part of it. We only had time to get a grasp on how to do DIY's and try a few out. We have not filmed yet but we might do that next year and continue our project. We have used a lot of easy and hard materials to know how to handle them. We have also learned to not get upset just because the DIY did not work out the way you wanted it too. I liked this project because you got to try out a range of things. Like for example one week we did a DIY for mothers day, the next week it was for school, or room decor, or something like that. We got to try out a lot of materials. Overall I think this was a pretty fun project.
  • quarter 3 2014-2015: Galaxy Goo Page
    • I chose this project because I had succeed in making Galaxy Goo. I had learned how to work with messy products like glue that sticks on everything especially hands, and glitter which gets everywhere. I had learned not to get mad if the products spilled just to try my best to work hard and be very careful. I really enjoyed watching the glue transform into Goo because in the process it transformed colors many times which looked really nice at the end. In the end, I really enjoyed the project and would do it again, happy.

  • quarter 2014-2015: Sales Presentation Page
    • I was doing a project that got changed many times, It also got rejected at the end. At first I was doing a project that I found out information about Starbucks than got it together in a presentation. I learned ways to be persuasive which was good because I need it for my presentation. But it was not coming together because Starbucks was really expensive so it was hard to make it sound better than its competitors, therefore I learned that that was not a good project. Than I decided that I should make a new logo for Starbucks, It was again not going well. I ended on the project and learned that it was hard to make a logo for something that is not yours, already has a logo, and is not something you feel so strongly about.

  • 1st quarter 2014-2015: Super Shirts Page
    • I am working on t-shirt designing with my friend Amelia. I am not the best at cutting t-shirts, so it has been a challenge for me. I chose this project because I wanted to get better and learn how to cut t-shirts. I enjoy a good challenge. I learned how to commit to this project, and if I need help to just ask. I made pretty good t-shirts for doing it for the first time, which made me very happy. I worked pretty hard on these t-shirts hat so far I had made and they turned out pretty good.

  • Thinkering Studio Logo Design
    • I chose this project because at first I did not know how to use the app Sketchbook Express and I did not even know if I wanted to use the app. but then I worked really hard and accomplished a lot. I ended up really liking the project and really liking the app. I think now that, that project was one of my best projects.
  • Animation Proclamation
    • I chose this project because even though it was a challenge I got through it. I didn't really like this project and I thought it of giving up but my partner and I go though it one step at a time!!!
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Top Reflections:

  • 4th Quarter 2014-2015:
"What skills did you use that you already had?"
I used the skills that I had because I made an emoji mood bored. It was hard to make everything perfect. I used my skills of cutting, design and much more to succeed in a emoji mood bored.

    • I chose this refection because it is impotent to use the skills you already have. Some times you forget some materials so you have to use your skills to make use of what you have. I had to use my skills to make my project good. I think that using those skills my project was pretty successful. Plus using those skills it was fun.
  • 3rd Quarter 2014-2015:

"What helped your learning?"
Looking at other pages helped my learning because they have very good ideas on their page. I looked at pages that were good and some that were not so helpful. However, the majority of them helped me.
    • I chose this reflection because it was very important to look at other pages and videos. It is important because sometimes they have very good ideas that you can also use. However, sometimes they are not good so you have to find the right ones. But the right pages helped me in my project a lot and I am very happy I had looked at other pages.
  • 2nd quarter 2014-2015:
    I learned.."
    that it can be quite hard to come up with a product that you really like. Also I learned more ways to be persuasive. Also I learned that persuating people could be harder than I think.

    • I chose this reflection because coming up with a product is very impotent, even tough it can be hard. Also persuading people was a big part of my project. It was crucial that I knew how to be pervasive, for my old project. so I could persuade people that Starbucks is better than its competitors.

  • 1st quarter 2014-2015:
    "What helped your learning?"

    Watching YouTube videos helped my learning. We watched a lot of nice videos. It helped us in many ways. There are a lot of helpful videos on YouTube.
    • I chose this reflection because the YouTube videos really helped us make our t-shirt. Its always good to have a helping hand. especially when you are doing a project for the first time. YouTube also helped us to come up with t-shirt designs.

  • "We learned that we have to use our resources wisely and make sure we have plentiful amounts."
    • I chose this reflection because when we were playing minecraft we were having trouble saving our resources for later instead of just using it up. If we didn't realize this we would probably have nothing left.
  • "I learned to name my pictures differently. I started learning about Istopmotion."
    • I chose this because I learned a new skill and I learned how to re-name my pictures so in the future they don't get over written.
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