MPY1 Portfolio


Top Projects:

    • I chose to put gamestar here because i think it's cool to be able to design your own game. If someone really likes to do this they can be a game designer in the future. in gamestar mecahnic, you can earn things for your own games like blocks, enemies and avatars.
  • soap! (mpy1)
    • i chose my soap project to put here because i think it's cool to be creative. and i also posted it because not that many people would think of doing soap.
  • mpy1's bidstrips
    • I chose to put my comic projects here because this is usually what I do in my spare time. If you want to design comics this is the site for you. It is really fun and easy. I think that all students should at least have a chance to try it out.

Top Reflections:

  • "Today I compleated my soap! wiki page. I also played a couple levels on game star mechanic. Next time i hope to get started on soap!"
    • I don't have my soap done yet, but i hope to get it done soon. After that i can start on a new project.
  • "i have sucsessfuly chosen a project! I am going to make a fun comic using bidstrips. I am pretty sure i will be able to complete this."
    • i chose this reflection because it is an acomplishment for me right now. It's an acomplishment right now because i haven't had a good project in a while. it is good to stretch out your oportunities.
  • "i played minecraft and made my house. i personally like peacefull mode.i shopuld be called "the only girl in the class that likes minecraft!"!!!!"
    • I chose this reflection because I am proud to be one of the girls that enjoy minecraft. When I typed that reflection I WAS the only girl. But i think i was a trendsetter. And that is always good.

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