MPJ2 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Game reviews and Updates mpj2
    • I think that my project on video game reviews and I think that I am learning a lot about games and how to make better and better videos.
    • The games I review are not going to be games that are known to be something I will not spend money on game that I play betas and other thing like Star Wars Battlefront 2. I will play and express the game to it potential and then I will make a review and this is why I am different. I will play a game for at least a month to 2 weeks to get the first look and this makes me more reliable to a person having. And I think that my videos are improving and this is good . And over time I will make more and more videos make them better and I will adjust to it.
  • Cooking Project Proposal Mpj2 Gad1
    • I think this cooking project was mostly successful. It taught us
      the responsibility for cooking, editing it, and uploading it to youtube.
      Though we didn't finish filming our videos, it turned out to be really
      good. I will do this project again in the future.
    • I think that this project was very fun and very challenging this made the cooking and the editing more fun because we could see the product
    • all come to gather and this was very fun to me

  • Scratch Project Proposal

      • see that other people would play your game and like it. I would love to do this project again it was the best all year. I loved the creativity of the game. And I would say every one should play it this to all of the people look for a project this is fun challenging and it is very satisfying I loved the games that I made with the amazing carters in the game and the fun of play your own games and other game to get a good under standing of the game.
  • MPJ2 Project Proposal KSP
  • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.I did this to learn. I like and disliked how it was hard and how in was fun to learn.
    • And how it was very had to learn were and how that arrow dinamixs of a plane or roctes but it was all for a good cause.
    • -**rking very hard to make a rover and i did.
    • I learned how to see a word and then know it was and I got very good at tell what word go with other words.
  • I now know all pronouns and I can make the words singular or pular I can make the word the in three different ways
  • This game let my make my friends laugh because there were like what was that.
  • I liked this app it helped and it was very easy i would love to do this in school

Top Reflections:

    • How do you know you learned it?I had to go though many changes because this is very difficult to make these videos because I need to have all of these things go right last night I did the vice over and I think it doing ok and this is very fun to. It was hard to upload the video so I could edit it but it fails so this night I will fix the problem and then I will upload it. The very big problem with all of this is the xbox devices witch so time they go wrong.So I will be fix all of the problem and the I will upload that I the plan.

    • One way I/we showed resilience was ...
      I did not give up when the game was lagging.And I did not give up when the game was not working how i wanted it to.

Top Critiques:


mpj2 Nov 16, 2016

I think he could make homes and more detail homes because the one home that he has now is very plan.

  1. AGT2 Portfolio

    • I think you could challenge your self by doing very hard red stone builds


mpj2 Nov 16, 2016

I think you could update the blog when he is not in this class.Or he could post more at once but slower.

Nov 2, 2016Critique 11/2

    • You could makeclips of making the projected the put them together and make one big video
    • Because this would let me and other know how they made it and how the tried in other way to make it better


mpj2 Mar 16, 2017

I think you could make a car out of the same parts of the ducks and the gears.

Feedback 11/9/17

mpj2 Nov 9, 2017

Have a different art stile that is special to you that you can be different from everyone and you could put the art on your journal or for us to see how you are improving and to show your art work.

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