Top Projects:

  • Project 1 Stop Motion zombie film 1
    • I chose to do this project because I wanted to pick a project that me and my partner both would enjoy.Pieter and I both like building with legoes, so we decided to make a project involving legoes. Also, we both have done other stop-motion projects, so we know how to make a stop-motion video. In this project, I learned how to make a stop motion video with an iPad app and just generally got more experience with stop-motion.
  • Project 2 Stop Motion zombie film 2
    • This is kind of part of the first project. This film was made with more of a focus on music than story though. In this project I learned how to sync sound effects with specific parts of a video.
  • Project 3 Minecraft Challenge World
  • Project 4 Python Basics
    • I wanted to learn the basics of Python. I learned how to use most of the functions, and how to make my own. I also learned problem solving in the form of troubleshooting my work.
  • Project 5 Gamemaker Game
    • I learned the basics of python and in general, learned the gist of how programming works. I wanted to make a simple game, but it has turned out to be a bit harder than expected. For example, I was having some serious trouble keeping track of lives, and i found i could fix it by using a certain block to input code, which turned out to be much more straightforward that my other solution of deleting a symbol everytime the ball struck the floor. I have the main game finished, but it needs some polishing and more difficulty. My game is an arcade game where you try to keep the ball from hitting the bottom of the screen by moving a paddle, and you have 4 lives/tries.

Top Reflections:

  • 11/12/12 I will learn how to get into a completely impenetrable house without breaking anything. 4 4 After many tries I discovered that you can use a command while standing under the structure to get inside.
    • I chose this reflection because it was very important for me to make a house that people could not enter without my permission
  • I made a giant tree, then covered it with lava and then with water, to make it into stone. Then, we made little platforms going up the sides. At the top, we plan to have a fire resistance or swiftness potion to reward players for finishing the secondary parkour. I could not fix the lag so I added a speed beacon.
    • I chose this project because it was a very interesting way to make a tower and extremely effecient.
  • || || I am having trouble completing the course, but i think it is a problem with lag because i can't seem to sprint. I will try to fix this next class. I think the excessive redstone might be the problem. ||
    • I chose this refelction because it shows problemsolving.
  • Today I have learned how to use IF, ELSE, and OR statements in python. To test my knowledge, I tried one of the challenge problems in the Python For Kids book, and completed it successfully( The challange was to make the script print something if the amount of twinkies you had was less that 100 or more than 500).
  • || 11/22/13 || I will start on the next chapter. || 3 || 4 || I am currently working on the drawing stars section, on page 147. So far I have dont all of the exercises, but I am now modifying them and making my own. ||
  • || I will finish up the lives system. || 4 || 4 || The lives system is complete, and it shows how many lives you have in the form of baseballs in the corner of the screen. Next I will work on making the sprites look less terrible and maybe addind more difficulty. ||
  • I chose this reflection because it shows how i chose to show lives remaining by using the same sprite as the ball itself. Also, this was when i finally finished the lives system, which was taking an unexpected amount of time. This shows perserverance, and also ingenuity by not making an unnessesary sprite.

Top Critiques: