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Favorite Projects 2014-2015

  • Drone Flying and Paintball
    • This project Drew, Daniel and I are were working on Drone Flying and going paint balling. I'm new to paintball, so Drew and Daniel helped me start off, and I've been learning so much ever since I started. I've been paint balling twice, and in those two times i've learned a lot from the help of my friends. Also, I learned how to fly a drone with Drew and Daniel, when Drew brings his drone to school, he helps me learn how to fly it, because I've never flown one before and now i've had hands on experience learning how to fly and operate one. This was really fun because we get time in school to learn how to fly something fun, and still learn from flying it as well.

  • Final Cut Pro
    • I've been attempting to step into the video editing software area by getting to Final Cut Pro X, the latest and greatest video editing program for Apple computers. Our goal for this project is to master our (Drew and I's) skills so we can become a very good editor and enhance the skills that I have not had before. This is important for me because I would love to interact with every kind of editing software, whether it be photo, video, html, etc. So far, i've been taking the steps for beginners to kick off and hit the ground running, so you can work on beginners tasks. In conclusion, I feel that this project has been a success so far and i've been learning a lot from someone a lot more experienced than me.

  • Adobe Photoshop CC
    • Adobe Photoshop is a program that i've been using for the last month to enhance my photo editing skills. This month i've been playing around with some of the advanced features that other programs don't have to offer. I've been taking ideas from other people and putting them into place so I have something to work on over the course of my project. So far i've taken a couple requests from Ricky's group, and Nic's group. I really liked this project because it could be a tool in the future that i would be likely to use. I really like learning about photography and photographic editing.

  • Video Editing and Production
    • Our new video editing and production program is one that I am very excited to be starting and learning about everyday. About two weeks ago, I had gotten a full adobe account, which opens me to so many new activities and gives me so many new resources and experience areas that I might want to explore. I plan to work on Video Editing with After Effects and transfer it over to Final Cut Pro, since my goal to the project is to use After Effects and Final Cut Pro hand in hand to get what I need to get done. I want to try Premier Pro as well, but I think with my beginner's experience with the Premier Pro, I think it would be better if I would learn something that I don't know to well before I work with two programs that I am half-famillar with compared to a project that I am fully familiar with, with after effects. I am really excited to see what I can do with my knowledge in After Effects and see what we can create in the end of our project.

Favorite Journal Entries 2014-2015

  • This week i've been working on a art for Daniel, Ricky and Drew's paintball team. I ended up finishing it, and it looked very good. I had worked on it a lot and now it looks really good. Pixelmator is a little too easy for me and i'm looking into another Photoshop CC trial. At the end of friday, I worked on a Jumpstart that Mr. Whitmer gave me the idea to do. Photo Editing I worked about 10 minutes on this. I think I could work a little harder on the picture for Daniel Ricky and Drew but I still did really well on it, and I worked a long time on it. I wonder if it is easier for me to work on a Mac computer or a Windows computer.
    • I like this journal entry because it shows the work that i've done that week. I think it also shows that I'm thinking about what is better for me to use and I think why it is easier for me to use. I also like this because it shows that I got out of my comfort zone (Adobe Photoshop to Pixelmator.) I also like this journal entry because it shows that I started on the Photo Editing page to teach beginners about the do's of any editing program.

  • This week i've been working really hard on getting final cut pro and working on it, so we decided to make a video about me dancing with the song "Living in the Sunlight" by Tiny tim and fireworks in the background. This was a success by the end of the week and I learned how to use the basics of Final Cut Pro and how to work it. I learned that this was a great alternative to photo editing and a really fun project in general. I hope Drew and I can work on this for a long time and it will be great to do.
    • This was a great reflection because it showed progress on my current project and it also shows what we have done that week because it tells the reader what parts we worked on and what we put in the movie. I also like this journal because it shows success and it shows that I can do the basics of Final Cut and also shows that Drew was a great partner and helped me improve on the already learned skills just by experimenting with some of the features. In conclusion, I feel that this journal entry is a great one and it shows that I took my class time wisely and I worked extremely hard.

  • This week I worked on my social studies project on tuesday, and i finished during lunch on wednesday. Also, I worked on starting a new project. We filmed 3 scenes for our new project and we're going to make those scenes into a intro for a movie. I'm really excited to do this because we're planning on putting "real" explosions in while we're moving. We think this will be a good project because we're going to work really hard and get focused on it because we are motivated to do it.
    • This shows that i've been really been inspired to work on what I am working on for the week. It also shows that i've been working on whatever I can to do what I can to learn about Final Cut Pro. It also shows that I am planning what I am doing for my project next week. I usually do not plan ahead with my project, and that's where it takes a majority of my time away from my planning of the day the week after. So, it feels like I've been working to fix my mistakes that I have been doing, and learning from the mistakes that I had made.

Favorite Critiques 2014-2015

  • I think that the angle of the shots should be a little different because they are all the same, just on the barrel of the paintball gun. Also, there is a copyright notice on some of the videos so you should change some of the music. I think it's still a good video, with a lot of action in it!
    • I feel that this is my best critique because it is short, sweet, and also a very good comment, because it shows the best of the project but also addresses some of the factors that could be jeopardizing to the project. This is also a good critique because it shows some ways that you can change the music so it wouldn't get taken down.

  • You didn't do any explaining at all during your presentation. You might need to add some explaining on what songs you played and why did you play that specific song. Next time you should do something more interesting with the audio like making a video of you guys playing the music instead of just the music.
    • I feel that this critique is one of the more aggressive ones that I had done, despite the comment that I made boldly at the beginning of my explanation. Why I like this one more than any other ones because it gives a lot of depth after I explained what they did wrong. Also, I added a very good comment towards what they could add in the future.

  • I really liked the explaining that you did, it was a good improvement from the last critique you did. I am not so sure if you are just looking at montages to learn from them, or are you looking at tutorial videos to learn how to do these tricks. How are you going to record? Is there a move that you are looking at more than other ones?
    • I like this one because once again I had commented on how I liked the project, and then I backed it up with some other comments that I had on the paper. I also ended with some of the questions that I had on the project. I really liked how I helped Ben by asked him questions on what he is doing instead of telling him directly to change what he was doing.


Favorite Projects 2013-2014

  • Unity
    • Unity is a program where you get to use a professional game design program to create anything you want. Jack C and I were very dissapointed to know that we couldnt use this program. We did not have the "skill" to create something on our own without the Dropbox link. I like this project because it shows what I learned in my free time and over summer. This also shows that doing something constructive can also be fun. We hope to investigate this project more in the future.

  • Hype 2
    • Hype is a HTML 5 program that is used for web design and programming. I played around with it and I found a project that i really liked, eventually. Hype 2 took up almost 3/4s' of quarter 2 and I have had so much fun building and playing with the software, you can even make little games with it! It also works on all browsers so you do not need a specific browser to play with Hype. It is also great for beginning programmers with prior knowledge of HTML 5, so you can start instantly. I feel Hype 2 is a lot like Scratch, it is very laid out and open for all kid use. Uploading Hype projects was a hard and challenging task. Although you cannot post HTML script right to your page, but you can link some text to a page, which you can use in a browser. Hype 2 requires a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for you to directly upload to the page, so unfortunately I could not do that.

  • Coding & Development in Java
    • This year and next year will be a good oppurtunity to learn something new: Coding, and how to apply it in Minecraft. Since I have always wondered how to code and develop plugins in Minecraft, i thought it would be a good time to find something new to do in Minecraft, because i love the game so much. This project will suprise me and it will give me a lot of learning opportunities that I haven't done before. Since I'm in the middle of just starting my project, I think there will be many trial and errors that will occur throughout my journey to developing plugins and or mods in Minecraft. Hopefully i will meet new people too!

Favorite Journal Entries

  • This is my favorite Journal Entry because it shows that I really worked hard for something that i couldn't accomplish. It also shows our hard work by trying something else. We worked very hard until we couldn't do anything else.
    • These past couple weeks Jack and I have been really busy with finding the right Email. Jack and I are trying really hard. We used the way-back-machine because the Webpage was removed. The Internet was so slow, we couldn't even get to the pdf, so we could find the email. Next time we are trying really hard to get the pdf with the emails. I learned that I can apply lots of effort if i try hard enough.Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.

  • This week this was a trial and error week so I could learn from my mistakes in the past. I really used this week as a learning opportunity. I like this journal so much because I love learning how to do more things and how to succeed at doing the things that were a challenge in the past.
    • This week I have been having a really hard time with the transparency for the pictures that I have chosen for this project. It is almost impossible to find a picture of signs with transparent backgrounds on them. Now i am to the point to where i am going to edit the photos instead of trying to find them transparent on google. Hopefully i will be able to do it next time

Favorite Critiques

  • You should be able to document without pictures, such as using a online journal, just documenting day by day, kind of like your journal, but on this page.
    • I like this one because it gives a idea to change your documenting to something else, so you can actually find something to present.
  • What are the materials you use for each of your pictures?
    • This gives a idea so when someone tries to apply it themselves, it will show them what they need for each thing they do.
  • I really like how you added the objects you are going to take pictures of. How can you learn to take really good pictures?
    • I liked this comment/critique because it first starts out with a compliment, then it kind of transitions over to a kind of question, so you can take better pictures.


Favorite Projects 2012-2013

  • Minecraft
    • Minecraft is one of the games i play at home all the time, its about fighting monsters, building houses, mining, and surviving in the wild with no one else if you choose. Me, Reese, and Lucas are doing a project together on how to survive with food, shelter, and tools. We all helped make the house and collect materials for our chests, beds, and crafting tables. .
    Reflection for Minecraft: Jack and I are going to do Minecraft next class. Since Jack is new at Minecraft, i need to teach him a little more on the basics. I learned a little about myself. I am very good at teaching others about new games and equipment. I need some work done on my attention problem.

  • Survival - Minecraft
    • Survival was very fun. Lucas, Reese and I had fun doing it. We had a fun time working together and making our house. We had lots of chests full of stuff with potential. I found lots of expirence of creativity, and teamwork while working with Lucas, and Reese. Although it was fun, we did not accomplish our general goal of finding diamonds. I didn't want people in our server, which later Lucas and Reese did. I took some overview screenshots, these are all the final project:
    Reese, Merritt, & Lucas Final 3.JPG
    Our wheat and sugar cane farm.
    Reese, Merritt, & Lucas Final 2.JPG
    Reese, Merritt, & Lucas Final.JPG
    A general overview of our map
    • A journal reflection: While i worked on the food system, Lucas and Reese were mining, they found iron and cobblestone. When i was working on the food, i got: a cookie farm, a wheat farm, and lots of meat, also a mushroom farm. That is lots of food. I learned that i can work with myself alone and can accomplish many things.
    • I thought this was a good reflection because this showed good work all around with Lucas helping, with Reese. Minecraft servers i think is all about coroperation. I think it also showed independence on my side of the bargain.

  • Minecraft - Building
    • The reason why I chose Building is because ever since I started Minecraft, I've wondered how to make very big projects, by far, I have started out with small houses, I have elevated a bit to some new stuff like trying to build the Roman Coloseum, we've been t.working on it for a while, 2-3 weeks. Here is the outcome so far, but it is not very far yet.
    This is the Roman Colosseum so far.
    Here is another house I made.
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