MLM10 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Project 1- Learning Sign Language
    • I chose to highlight this project because Grace and I are learning yoga poses, moves, and workouts, which is very helpful in life. Its helpful in life because it relieves stress, it teaches patience, it teaches concentration, and more. These skills will be needed for the rest of my life and I am learning them through yoga.
    • Reflection: This marking period I have been working with Grace to learn yoga. We've been looking at pictures, watching videos online, and getting help from SeƱora DeSimone. All of these things have helped us learn yoga and improve it. We have become more flexible, and learned more about patience, concentration, and perseverance. These things will also help in future projects. Grace and I worked very well together in this project by helping each other with the poses and taking pictures of each other. We are patient and empathetic with each other when one person is having more trouble with the poses.
  • Project 2- Learning Sign Language
    • This was my second project of the year, and I chose to highlight it because it was a very good learning experience. I learned the alphabet first, then I learned basic words and how to structure a conversation. I feel successful in this project because I could have a conversation and make a deaf person understand me.
  • Project 3- A Dash Of Fun
    • This project is our first one this year. We got together and filmed ourselves baking Funfetti Cupcakes. We then came to class and we are editing all of the baking clips. We are putting them together to be a funny baking video that we will post on youtube. Our goal is for at least 50 people to watch our baking video. We also plan to create a blog talking about our methods and critiquing other videos, and we plan to create an Instagram account where we advertise and post pictures of our food. I chose to highlight this project for a couple reasons. First, it is the only project we have done this year. Second, This project has been successful so far. When we made the cupcakes, they tasted great. Also, our video looks very good so far. It all matches and it has nice flow. All of this tells us that we are succeeding so far.
    • A Dash Of Fun Project Page

Top Reflections:

  • "One example of a failure we had was ...We posted our video to youtube, but soon realized that it was missing a few clips from the baking process.
    • What you were thinking- We were thinking about the quality and editing of our video instead of paying closer attention to the actual product.
    • What you felt/experienced- We felt like we failed because we left out a lot of our video.
    • What you learned about yourself- I learned that I often focus on the tiny details, instead of the big picture.
    • What strategies you used and how they worked- The strategy we used was matching the color tones on all the clips. That helped us create nice flow.
    • What strengths/weaknesses you noticed- A weakness I noticed was not checking things over before just throwing in the towel.
    • Students assess themselves- I give myself a 5/10 this week because I Forgot a big part of the movie but on the other hand, the reason I forgot was because I was focused on making the video better.
    • Evidence of a Growth Mindset?- My mindset grew because now I will be more careful and pay closer attention to what I am doing.
    • Poses probing questions to self- How could we take our video to the next level so that it stands out?"

  • I chose to highlight this reflection because within this one, I recognize what I did wrong in my project. This is also the reflection in which my mindset grows the most because I a, able to see my mistakes in the project and I can be better going forward.

Top Reflection #2:
One way I/we demonstrated "self-monitoring" was ...

I learned new signs by watching videos without any supervision.

  • What you were thinking- I was thinking about more signs i could learn.
  • What you felt/experienced- I felt like I was making good project with my signs
  • What you learned about yourself- I learned I have a good memory.
  • What strategies you used and how they worked- A strategy is repeating the sign after the youtuber does it.
  • What strengths/weaknesses you noticed- I noticed I am good at moving my hands the way you're supposed to in order to sign.
  • Evidence of a Growth Mindset?- My mindset grew because I can build sentences in sign language.
  • Poses probing questions to self- how can I show that I can have a conversation with someone?
I chose to highlight this reflection because I learned a lot on this day and I was starting to finish learning sign language. In this reflection I talk about strategies I used to learn sign language and I got a lot of work done on this day.

Top Critiques:

  • Maybe you can teach others how to play chess, instead of keeping the knowledge to yourself.

    • I chose this critique because I was giving Jude a suggestion that could help other people besides just himself.
  • Maggie McLogan- Maybe you could speed up your learning process so you can learn more in a limited amount of time. That way you'll get more done each class period.
I chose to highlight this critique because I am helping her with time management and because of this tip she could get a much fuller learning experience.

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