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  • Kebab space program
    • I love kerbal this is the best project ever I created a really far rocket.I am orbiting the sun even though I did not mean to orbit the sun it is very interesting. I learn about aero dynamics it is sometime hard to control the rockets the panes are more difficult.
  • Kerbal space program
    • I always was amazed by rockets I'd watch you tubers play kerbal and I wanted to play it.So I got a chance to play it and now I am it is fun playing kerbal.I learned about rocketry and how mutch fuel to use.It has taught me about rockets and planes
  • Raspberry pi
    • I thought this project would be exciting. I love tech so that's the reason I picked it. There was a lot of trial and error during this project. Like I could not log on to the raspberry pi. because there was a password for it. When I did log on explored on it.

Top Reflections:

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  • I/We were efficient/inefficient because ...
    I flew a very good rocket I feel succeful because I got a rocket to fly.I think next time all try to go into orbit.And I will work on my rocket
    • I finally built my first good rocket it was amazing how it flew.I was so exited that it almost made it into orbit. I put 3 engines and a lot of gas and I flew with my kerbals
  • I/We got further than I/we had planned because...
    Every thing went fast that day and also went well. I got thru all of my plan and did my work.
    • That day I really didn't think I would finish. I got far with what I did .I searched around in the raspberry pi to see what it had. I played mincraft on it was pocket edition. It had Wi-Fi so I searched tinkering studio but it didn't work.

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