MJL5 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Go Pro soccer
    • I chose to highlight this project because it was my first project and I really liked it. I combined soccer with video editing, and putting different songs into it. We put our videos into the iMovie software to edit and shorten and take out parts so each video weren't unnecessarily long. Plus if its short enough we can keep our video to only two songs. Unfortunately, the videos of our freestyle weren't great quality so we made the decision to not use them.
    • Explain why you chose to highlight this project here.
  • Shoe Selling
    • I chose to highlight this project because it has 2 things I enjoy very much. Making money and shoes. I joined this project with my pal Ricky and we've made some money as a group. The goal of this project is to learn how to negotiate with people better and get some experience with putting our instagram account out there so we're learning advertising as well. It takes a lot of talking with the buyer to make sure we're getting a good price for our shoes and of course that the buyer is satisfied. More recently we have been looking to eBay to get our shoes sold, and my partner and I have talked a lot about what shoes we think will sell. One example of this is the Jordan 4 "Laser". We think that they will have a resale price at least double the retail price and hopefully we can cash in on those shoes. We're hoping to sale my KD7 global games on eBay and Im looking for around $275.00

Top Reflections:

  • || we've talked to buyers and are in the advanced stages with many customers. Our instagram page and twitter pages have been developed and products are being put up every night! ||
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because I feel like it highlights everything about our project. It highlights contacting people, taking pictures and using social media (instagram) to let people know about our business. Also I like this reflection a lot because I feel we got a lot done that week and i really enjoyed all the work we put towards our project that week.
  • "This week we finished the proposal and got a lot more done. We discussed getting the Jordan 4 lasers, which we are anticipating a big resale price. We finalized a deal with an interested buyer about the Jordan 4 fears for KD7 global game and $75.00. I updated our project page and added some things to make it better."
    • I chose to highlight that reflection because I think it tells others almost exactly what we're doing. We talked about a big deal that we got and made sure that the buyer was happy with the deal and made it as fair of a trade as possible. I updated the page and tried to give as much information on our Instagram page and updated our research section of our page.
  • "I tried pretty hard and am going to keep trying with the balloon minion strategy. I wanted to get my air sweeper to level 4, so I went back to using my usual strategy of all archers to get the 1 million I needed."

I chose to highlight this reflection this because it gives people a pretty good idea of what i was doing. It starts with me doing the balloon minion strategy but it wasn't as good as i hoped so i went back to using all archers. I posted screen shots to show my progress on the strategy.

Top Critiques:

  • ** "I think you should put a camera on your head, because most of the time we're just looking at grass and at places that provide cover. It would be more interesting to watch whats going on in the rest of the field, how you hit people and how you avoid getting hit. apart from that its very good. Nice work! :)"
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because I think that I did a good job and was specific about what could help make their project better than it was. Watching their video before it had you looking at grass but after you could see a lot more strategy of paintball and a lot more
  • "I think what you and Lucas is doing is awesome!!! I like I how you filmed at many different angles and i think you have improved a lot from your previous paintball filming. One thing i wold change is i think you should other ways to edit your footage. But apart from that nice job!!"
    • I chose to highlight this reflection because I felt it was positive and pretty helpful. I said what I liked about their project. I also acknowledged how they filmed at different angles and made it more interesting. The last thing I like about my critique is how I suggested that they edited their film differently and asked if I liked it!
  • Although I don't really fully understand what exactly you're doing, I think it will be a fun project and interesting for us. I highly suggest that you make a wiki page for your films, and give a description of what happens in the film but no give aways. For example, for your bullying film, you could embed it from youtube and give a brief summary to the viewers. One last thing I suggest is being more specific on your journal. If you have a updated journal, if someone doesn't fully understand the purpose of your film, then they can look at your journal and hopefully they'll get a better understanding for the film.

I chose to highlight this critique because I was polite and said what i thought they should change about their project and a way they could do it. I used an example and gave them a few ideas that they could do. I told them that they should update their journal because if the content didn't make sense then people could go to it and find out what its about.

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