MHK3 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Basketball Site
    • This quarter, I choose to work alone. I have done great all quarter long so far. I have got lots of posts done including all of one of the main topics for my page which is the backgrounds and childhood stories from the NBA players. I have also got a lot of other posts done all about the NBA. I am not done with my project yet and I hope to have a least 6 more posts done in total. This quarter I choose to use a new site maker that I have never used before. It works but most of the things that are good and pretty cool you need to have premium for, one of these things are doing the same type of posts more than twice. I can only do certain things on my blog because I'm not premium. I really like Blogger better even though this one is working out. In the future I will probably use blogger because this limits my ideas and blogger does't.
  • Hip Hop Blog
    • This quarter me and my partner worked on a blog all about hip hop for are project. We got 34 posts done this quarter which is a big step up from last quarters 18. Are posts were on a variety of things in hip hop. There were some posts that we did the same every week such as, 5SYNK, Throwback Thursday and Top 5 New songs. About once every 2 weeks we did an artist spotlight rotating on a different artist each time. Towards the end we started getting page views which was very good. This was one of my favorite projects ever in this class. We learned a lot and had a ton of fun while still always making progress on the blog.
  • Hip Hop Blog
    • This quarter me and my partner made hip hop blog talking about all the new hottest songs and great songs no one would know. This quarter we got 18 posts done, I think that is very good. For the most part we were usually on task working hard but could sometimes get distracted. We probably averaged about 2 posts done each time. There are only a few other blogs like this one we made, so I thought we would have a bigger audience. We learned a lot about Spotify and music.
  • Hypebeast blog
    • We got 19 posts done this quarter and lots more including the background and title. This was probably one of the most successful projects i have done this whole year. I have very proud of jack and myself for accomplishing everything we did and competing it in the Make Share Fair. Alot of kids are into the hype beast stuff right now just like me and jack are. We had a huge audience.

    • We Got three videos done this quarter. I feel that this was a very successful project even though we hoped to get more views ans subscribers. Through the span of the time we had, me and my partner created the channel, Created and edited 3 videos and also did everything we could to make are videos look better. There were mutiple challenges that we faced but overcame.
  • Game Star mechanic
    • We accomplished a lot during this quarter. We faced many challenges but we succeeded and got through them. We made many levels all their were very good and hard. We still do not no if we are going to do this project next quarter. I feel that we had a great quarter in thinkerering it was also very fun to make all these levels.

    • My NFL blog is going great, we have made lots of posts of all different types of rankings,standings and opinions. We would like to keep making these post and get a bigger variety of what were posting. We have not had many problems except for not being able to type on blogger from different computers. We have solved this problem by writing on google docs off the same account and then coping and pasting that to blogger. This strategy is making it a lot faster and more efficient. If we sticked to are old ways we would not have as many posts as we do now. This has been a very fun project to do because i love football and all of the posts have been fun.

Top Reflections:
  • I did great when...
    • I focused very hard like last week. Again I did not talk to anyone just focused very hard on my project. I got 2 different posts done. One of these posts was very long and the other one was medium size. I also figured out how to insert pictures and inserted them for all of my posts. I have very happy what I achieved this week. I hope I can do the same next week. I am very proud of how this project is going for me so far
  • I/We think...

    • That we did very good today. For the first time we finally got some views on one of are newest posts. The new post best cities of rap is very good and in my opinion one of are bests posts yet. Hopefully next week we can keep doing what we are doing and uploaded lots. We are having lots of fun and we uploaded at least 4 or 5 posts this week which is very good.
    • We have completed lots of so many blogs and we are doing so good. Today i added another blog. Are blog today was about the top 31 Jordan's ever. Are blog also looks really nice and every time jack does a piece of the day

    • We had to copy and paste for google docs because yesterday I
      was not here. Yesterday my partner started a post on goggle docs.
      We copied and pasted first. I put this reflection here because it was my favorite reflection i have done yet because of the good idea we had in it.
    • I choose this reflection because it was hard but we overcame this challenge

  • We completed a very complicated challenge today it took hard work and dedacation we failed but we pursavered. This may have been the hardest challenge anyone's ever faced on game star mechanic. We had a great session.
    • I choose this because it was our best seesion
  • We learned...
    How to edit the music from the previous video out so we can add are own music. Also we posted another video that is very good. We got some good ideas for next time.
    • I choose this reflection because it was a big part in making the videos.

Top Critiques:

  • Maybe try to make it a little neater and more professiona
  • Maybe you could raise the price on buying them a little because you are only making a few dollars each time they sell
    • I choose this critique because I thought it would help while still being nice. If you sell and your not really making any money then whats the point. Thats why I choose this reflection because it would make the biggest impact on someones project.

  • How do you record your videos?

  • Are you going to sell your items?

  • How many videos are you going to be making?
  • Why do you only have one Level?

All Projects: