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  • DIYer
    • I/We think for the maker faire we made good slime and a stress ball. But we had a few problems. Someone took a container with some slime in it and we could not find it. also we had some people to help us out so know one would take our slime. but there were some people that were behind there that we did not let behind and it was getting to crowded. some people got the slime stuck on there hands and we had to take it off. the slime only stuck on some peoples hands because there hands were more warm than others. Some people where fine and it did not stick to there hands.
  • DIYer
    • I/We think we made are best slime last week and we did not use borax we used liquid starch and glue. Are other smiles did not work they were not clear after a few days and are other slime's were not good. I think the liquid starch is better than borax.There is less steps when we use liquid starch.
  • DIYer Duct Tape Wallet
    • thought this project was great, because it taught me something new. It taught me to post photos onto wikis and to not rush and be patient . Being patient was usually very hard for me because I would like to just rush. At first I didn't like duct tape because you had to be very patient, but since I did this project I really like Duct Tape.
  • DIYer Slime
    • I thought this project was a great way for me to learn things new. Materials for slime are very cheap and you probably have most of the ingredients at home. This project taught me about the chemical reaction that turns the glue into slime. I use Laundry Detergent, because if you put too much borax in water it will turn into a big clump. This project also taught me how to make a YouTube channel, how to upload the videos to YouTube, and how to edit videos. I think that science related projects are cool and fun.

Top Reflections:

  • one example of FAILURE was our clear slime was sticky.We tried to put it in the borax and water solution, but it was just getting more sticky. We looked at a video and followed all the directions and it worked.

  • I/We think the easiest thing was making the slime. My partner and I found a method to make slime so it is good every time,Detergent! The hardest part was making a YouTube Chanel and publishing the videos to YouTube. Because we have never had a YouTube channel.

  • One example of Failure we had was we kept messing up on following the steps for the wallet. So we stopped rushing and followed the steps correctly.

  • I choose this reflection because I learned something new. I learned how to be precise, because when you are working with duct tape, you have to be accurate. This reflection also taught me how to be more patient. This reflection made me better at using duct tape.

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