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  • Project 1 (Lego Master)
    • I think this project was very helpful to me. I think that because I want to be an engineer when I am older. I want to be a structural engineer and the Lego's will help me with that. Also building with Lego's helps my mind think and be smart because I follow a guide which i will have to do in engineering. In conclusion, I think this project was very helpful to me
  • Project 2 (Matt and Zachs legos)
    • I think this project really helped me because i wasn't following a guide to build Legos. I had to be creative myself. Also I really want to be a engineer and building legos is engineering. Also this project takes a lot of skill to not follow instructions. In conclusion, I think this project helped my brain and my future.

  • Project 3 NXT robot
    • I really like this project because me and jack worked together to make really cool NXT robot's. For example we made a baseball pitcher and batter. Also we made a really cool guitar that really plays music. There was some difficulties because it was hard to program some of the robots. I learned a lot about programming and NXT. It was a very good learning experience. Also it was a lot of fun building, programming, and playing with the robots.Also it was a lot of fun getting to know jack and have fun with him building the NXt robots. Maybe we will do it again next project but most likely not
  • Project 4 Gamestar
    • I really liked this project because it was a lot of fun. Also i had to be independent on this project witch was different. It was a good learning experience because i learned a lot about the software and how to create a game. Not having a partner meant i could take 100% credit for this project. In conclusion, I learned a lot with this project.

Top Reflections:

  • "I finished the plane and got all the pics uploaded on to my page.
    • "I chose this reflection because I got a lot done. Also jack wasn't there so i got to do all the work. I finished building my plane. Then I uploaded all of my pictures. In conclusion, I got a lot of work done and it was my favorite reflection.
  • We got all of our pictures uploaded. Also we combined our gadgets into a final one. What challenged me was when we combined our gadgets it was hard to get the details to look good. It was also hard to take away parts and add new ones.
    • I choose this reflection because that day we did a lat of work. We got so much done. Also in the reflection it says we had some problems too. We encountered many problems but still got so much done . In conclusion, I think this is one of my favorite reflections.
    • "We finished our boats. Then we combined our boats and made our final. There were some hard parts like making the mini propeller. It also kept falling apart. And we started our next unit of creating modern designs. I really liked this project because it was with a really fun partner. Also i really like to build things. I kinda want to be an engineer so this project was great.
We got the robot to hit the ball every time and finished the pitching machine in 1 day. It was hard because we were missing some pieces but we still made work. I thought we got as lot done today and a put in a good effort.\
I like this reflection because i was proud of al;l the work we got done.

Top Critique
My favorite critique is calums.. I like how he explained everything in such good detail. Also he had a really cool project. Also it seemed pretty hard having to carve thing out in sketch up. In conclusion, I really liked calums presentation and project.
Calums project

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