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Top Projects:

  • Brush Bots Project
    • This project was really successful for me. This in reality is the only project that ended up working successfully in the first quarter. This Easily puts this project to the top of my list, considering that I only attempted 2 projects in the first quarter. I also managed to "hack" the design and use paper clips to apply the pager motor's power to the ground and intern letting the bot move. This was probably the most successful part of the project. Once again considering that this was my only successful project that actually worked, this easily puts it at the top of my book.
  • Card board Mini Bot
    • This project was really fun. It is very simple yet also very fun. It was one of three project that I attempted this quarter(Quarter II). This is also probably the most fun project that I did this quarter because of the sheer simplicity of it. The only difficult part of this project was soldering the leads to the large motor that drives the counter weight to make the unit vibrate. Aside from that, the rest of the work was very tedious. The only other project that I did this quarter was the mouse trap car tips. That project is still very young so this shoots this project to the top of my list. This took only 2 weeks to do, which made it very enjoyable. Considering that this was my main project this quarter, and the it was the most enjoyable, it should be easy to understand why I chose this project to put here.
  • Mouse Trap Car
    • This is project is taking longer than I Thought. It is still fun though. It is my only only project since the last top project. I also decided to make a fairly big hack to the design. I decided to switch the power train form mouse traps to motors. So i decided to scrap the idea of using the torsion stored in the mouse traps and instead i decided to use a small direct driver motor to get the car moving. I have been having issues with this though. I have been have issues in torque shortages. I have just tried to make the rear drive gear bigger, but i can also try to make the main drive gear bigger. This will make the motor turn more times, just like a bicycle. Once this is done, I will need to test the power that it creates, but that will take about a week. I plan to finish the project in the next 3-4 weeks, but I am pretty flexible with that. Mr. Whitmer suggests that i can spend some of my academic labs here to help boost my progress. This would help it.
  • Detroit Sidelines Sports blog
    • This is probably the best Project of the year for me and ben. It is only around 5 or 6 weeks old, and it has been a blast so far. We have been consistently posting a long story each, every week, and we have not fallen behind yet. We have designated sports, i generally take Hockey, and Ben took Soccer and Football, or football and football. This was really successful for me, and takes the top spot on my project list once again. It was to the simples, but it was definitely the most fun. The work for me was not tedious. This project is going to go right up to the edge of the school year, meaning next week. We also allowed another group to post to our blog just to help them out with their project. We posted anything from game recaps, and draft picks to predictions. I would rate this project as a 10/10 and a success.

Top Reflections:

  • "What breakthrough(s) did you have?We had a breakthrough when we realized that we can use different body types with the motor. For instance, i tried a design that did not have the brush attached, but that did not work too well, it ended up being too heavy. Then i tried a design with almost no body attached to the brush head. This one worked fairly well, but still didn't go straight"
    • This quote really sums up the entire project. There were areas of success and areas of failure. though the areas of success were much greater than the failure, they were both still present. This was my only successful project, and this really pushes this to the top of the list of 2 projects that i have attempted. Being the only successful attempted project, this easily shows why i chose this.
  • "One way I/we helped someone else today was ...This week I helped Preston disassemble his computer that he is stripping down for parts. I also finished my prototype shell made out of tongue depressors and colored popsicle sticks for my mouse trap car. It has room for 2 mousetraps and has a lot of potential. It looks promising and i like it."
    • This reflection is literally(figuratively) the entire project. It includes everything except using the graph paper to draw it out. It also includes the only time that i am have helped somebody on a project that I am not a part of. It really shows the entirety of this project. This was one of the only productive days in this project and it is also the majority of the work. The majority of the class was taken up by working on completing the structure of my first mousetrap car. After I finished it, I helped preston take out his motherboard, processor and hard drive. This was the only time that i helped someone on a project that is not my own. It sums up the project in the way that the only physical progress I made not the project.
  • "If we had a do over ... I would probably work more efficiently to secure the wheels to the axles.We had to do peer groups and that really took away time. Either way, today was a test phase and ahas very unproductive. I did increase the gear ratios by increasing the size of the rear sprocket. that seams to have helped but i can't test anything until I manage to get "tires" on my dvd's)
    • This reflection explains a major issue with my project, and this is time management. I have not been using my time as most efficiently as i could have. There have been days of progress and days no progress. I need to improve on that because i need to finish this project and move on to a new one. This project could be moving much faster than it is at the moment. I have been doing better and better, but there is still room to improve. Some of the only Progress has been made on the big days such as the initial design. Then when i made the hack. Other than that, there have only been a few days of big progress. I need to work on that.
  • What did you learn that you can apply to future projects? I learned that I should show some resilience and problem solving. That came in handy in this project because the car it self needed some major re-vamping, and i used trial and error method to try to make the car work. When I took the extra front half of the car off, and lightened the rear wheel of the car so the motor could move it and the car had enough torque.
    • I chose to show this reelection because it ensured the success of the rest of my precious project. It showcases the fact that we are supposed to hack the design and adapt it to our needs. That is exactly what i needed to finish that project. That one took a while and i can admit that i did not put in all the effort that i could have. This ended up costing me in the longs run and making the project take longer than it should have. I needed to improve and i did, it ended up being the rear wheel that was too heavy to take the torque supplied by the motor. This one little solution was everything that the car needed. I tried everything up to this point, including weight reduction and power increase, and gear ratios.

Peer Critiques:

  • Critique to Pds1(Preston){11-7-13}I think that you are already doing well with the amount of content that you are covering, which is a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that you are exploring and using the class to the fullest that you can. The bad thing is that you might be going a bit too fast for your own good, but then again, I don't know your pace. My concern is that you might not be covering every aspect that you can on a topic. I can personally say that you could've been more focused while working on the brush bots, given that I did them with you. You were getting stuff done, but you were also getting distracted very easily. Once again, i do not know your pace and how well you pick stuff up, so that could have been good for you. You are moving ahead, and going at a steady pace, witch is great. Overall, Great work, and keep it up!
    • This was for Preston's Brush bot project. It is a motor and a weight that vibrate the head of a tooth brush. Preston was working with me on this project and i had some personal knowledge about how he worked. This reflection is referring to the fact that he was moving fast, but also getting distracted very Easily. I like this reflection because it addresses everything that I have to say with his project and his attitude toward it. It not only does this, but it does it well and this is probably the best reflection of the quarter too.
  • Critique to Jacob gates - You are making steady progress i see, and that is great. You are keeping busy and doing better and better. You took my advice and started taking more pictures more frequently. Now the only thing that you can do is time it better and have the events even better! once again, Greatjob. You also did good on your lego motion too.
    • This was in reply to Jacob. Jacob is working on a stop animation project and it is going fairly well. He has been on it for a while, but continues to make steady progress. He showed the group a few videos that he had done, and they actually had a plot, a climax, the made sense! He had a hard time getting focused to start presenting, but after he got on task, he worked very frugally to show us the project. He has also made more improvement on it. He began to take more pictures more frequently and he was able to make the stop motion good.
  • To (jjm3){5/15/15}"Your Project it very clever, Cooking is a hard topic for a guy to cover. Then your coding also helps and makes me think that you are actually trying to do a project, and not a pushover project. It does make me curious about how far, and how in-depth you are going into the cooking, are you making cookies? Cake? Pancakes? Waffles? This makes you look like you are using this class fully and using your time wisely.
    However I am wondering where you are doing the cooking, and when are you going to do more of your coding. You seem to be interested in your project and willing to go farther in-depth with it. This is, in my opinion, how you should be using your thinking classes, great job!"
    • This ws in rely to Jack. Jack was working on a cooking project, and a coding project. The coding was what he was focusing on. I touched on how it was difficult for him to talk about embarking on a cooking project, and we did talk on that, and he told us that he was focusing on his coding, and he was really good at it, much better than my skill level. He still has not updated me with how he is planning to cook, as far as i know, there is no kitchen in the school. I think that i hit right on the money with this proposal, and that i managed to question him pretty well. There are several questions that could be answered, in this and i think that it was picture perfect. If he were to read it, i think that he would question what and how he was doing things and that is exactly what we are supposed to do.

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