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Top Projects:

  • Watercolor
    • I pick this project because I wanted to get closer to my "artistic" side. I thought water coloring would be good because I could learn more about the colors (like what colors would look good next ti what color, mixing colors, etc.)
  • Tie Dye
    • I picked this project because I wanted a project that you can be creative in and that can be "useful" when designing clothes. This project was fairly easy to do if you know what you are doing (reading thoroughly through directions).
  • Pinata
    • I picked this project because I wanted to do more hands-on projects instead of a digital project. The pinata was a perfect canidate because it was hands on and it would take a longer period of time to finish one pinata.

Top Reflections:

  • Tie Dye
    • "We did more crumbled designs and created our first sucessful spiral design. We also learned more about the color wheel. This is important because when we mix colors we ended up with a dark ugly green and maroon color. When tie-dyeing you need to know where to put colors next to what colors."
  • Pinata
    • "I wasn't here on Wednesday so I didn't have a chance to finish the 3rd coat of paper mache. On Friday we started painting the pinata pink and changed our design from little flowers to splatter paint. We have got notice that we should test out the design of this structure to see how much candy it can hold without breaking the mold of the pinata."

Top Critiques:

Top Projects:

  • Raspberry Pi>
    • I picked the Raspberry Pi because I wanted something to challenge me. Raspberry Pi helped me with that because it isn't a project that you can't do when you are a begginer, this project needs communitcation skills and determination. Raspberry Pi had taught me how to make and program a computer, as well as using my weak skills and making them stronger.
  • Minecraft>
    • I picked Minecraft (at home project) as my project because I wanted to do something that was like game designing execpt I was in the game. Minecraft is a game that you have to buy, it is about a charater that has to live and survive (in survival), or creating anything that you want to create. Minecraft is a world of blocks, you can become a miner, farmer, hunter, or just an explorer.
  • Gamestar Mechanic
    • I picked Gamestar Mechanic because it seemed easier and more professional looking. With Gamestar, you do not have to search and program each sprite in a certain way (Scratch). Gamestar is simple

  • Scratch
    • I picked Scratch because when I first came here, I didn't know that a ordinary kid can make his/her own game(s). Scratch taught me the basics of gaming and programing. Scratch took up most of my time because it was so advance for me.
  • Gamestar Mechanic
      I picked Gamestar Mechanic because, Gamestar seemed simple, but yet complicated. A Gamestar Mechanic game is simple to make, but making it challenging is the key. With Gamestar, you cannot create your own charaters, but there is a quest you can do to get more sprites, backgrounds, settings, and items.
  • Airplane Design Marina's Airplane Design
    • I picked this project because, I wanted to know different types of airplanes fly, and how much speed each type needs to suceed a certain amout of speed.

Top Reflections:

  • "On minecraft I worked on my survival world "nina2." When I got to know my surrounding I had explored and found a pack of wolves, a village, and a lava pit. I also found out that I could use the resources around me to accomplish my needs, for example, there are tons of chickens near the village. instead of killing them all, why not take all of them and make some sort of chicken farm. This is an example of how I used my resources around me to my full advantage."
    • I picked this reflection because on Minecraft you have to use your resouces around you to your fullest advantage. If you cut down all of the trees around your area, you will have no trees so you will have to move in search of trees. This is the same with hunting, if you kill all of the animals around you you will then have no food. If you take care of what is around you, you will recieve the most out of it.
  • "Today Mr. Whitmer and I downloaded the image finally onto the SD card. The only thing is to boot it up and hook it up to the T.V. Most people are saying to use the TV for the output of the jack, not a promethian board. I think people just say TV because they don't have a promethian. I guess when the time comes we will just have to use the TV instead of the promethian."
    • I picked this refection because you don't always have to go with the majority rule. In the last sentence I did say that I would go with the TV. Over the weekend I had thought to myself that just because most people said that the T.V is better doesn't mean that you have to follow that. When Mr. Whitmer and I did try the promethian it worked just as well as the T.V. would of.

  • " Taylor and I discovered that the crease in the plane will depend on how far the plane will travel and its speed. Adding a little tape on the front of the plane will have the plane fly smoother and faster."
    • I picked this reflection because it shows that with a little change of something can impace greatly, and that your pertiction of the outcome might not be the acual outcome.
  • "I was looking at the 'biggest' game of the day and I pretty much sink at it. So I was checking out all of the user's other games, and I came across 'maze of danger.' Maze of danger was hard but it makes you want to do it again and again until you win."
    • I picked this reflection because it shows that trial and error is the key to making games. You become really close to finish the level/game and all of a sudden you die. You would have to think how can this be difficult for me? How can you make it better? What about it is addicting?
  • "Today I had learned how to download other people's scratch ideas, I had also learned how to make a race track, for my marble ball to race on. I am going to download some 'racing programs' for me to get some ideas from."
    • I picked this reflection because it shows that you maybe don't have the best ideas, and no one can do something without experience. This is a web of team work, everyone looks at each other's design and gives constructive criticism (or rose and a thorn).

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