MAD2 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Project 1: Pinata Proposal
  • This Project was fun because it expressed ur creativity.
And it was very fun to learn how to make them.
Also the different materials to make them with.
We chose this project because
It looked fun and it also expressed our creativity.
Also it was cool to try out different ideas.
Project 3 Aerospace
  • We chose this project because we though it was fun
to make different kinds of airplanes.
I chose this project because i am currently working on it right now.

Top Reflections:

  • We are exploring new ideas to make our cool tie dye shirts. Like one we found was drip tie dye and we might do that when we get more dye. By next class we should have more dye and we will continue with our projects
    and come up with new ideas to explore tie dye.
I like this reflection because it shows our creativity
and our happiness toward this project.

  • Since Nina was not here I had to researcher so i didn't really do anything
but research different kinds of aerospace
This shows how much supplies can be wasted.

  • I worked with out my partner today. We teamed up with
another team making a pinata and we made an online pole together, I have made a list
of things that we can do in the future quarters and we are going to work off there.
No challenges that i know of.\
This shows our first projects reflection and how much we worked on it unfourtnatley it reads that
nina was not here and that was okay and i finished parts of the project without her.
  • "I have found out about wet folding and i really want to make a minature
crane. Also i would liked to further my interest in origami because it seems fun."
I like this reflection because it is a fun project to learn about. Also I think i expressed how well i am doing with because
I listed that i want to further my mind in origami.
  • "Today I am Origami hearts and a lizard. With 1 dollar billsI had three dollars but then i gave one of mine to someone."
I liked this refelction because i like making origami with money and i think that it is a lot harder then
regular origami because it is retangular and origami is usually square.
  • "I started working on origami, but i like working with a partner so that was not so easy. But i will have more origami paper by next Wednesday"
I liked this Reflection because it was right after i had not had my partner because we didn't work weel together so it should how weird it was with out it.
Top Critiques:
  • "How are you going to get through the project in hard mode. Your project is really good and your probably already gonna do this but document it along the way. Are you going to look into timelapse, you should be prepared if an altercation happens."
  • "Fix the Spelling, Add more to the page, and put photos on the page. Add photos and i thought that you were doing different project fix that"
  • "I think that this is a very good thing to learn about
    and its something you can teach some people
    how to survive in the woods"
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