MAD2 Portfolio

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We chose this project because it looked fun and we
saw a bunch of cool pinatas and we wanted to make
our own. Also We wanted to see how they were made and how many
types there were.

We chose this project because we anted find out how many new designs
you could do and the ways you do them. Different articles of clothing you could do them on
like shirts, shorts, and dresses.
We want to do aerospace design because there are so many different ways
to fold and make them. It might be a valuable learning experience
for us.

Top Reflections:

We are exploring new ideas to make our cool tie dye shirts. Like one we found was drip tie dye and we might do that when we get more dye. By next class we should have more dye and we will continue with our projects
and come up with new ideas to explore tie dye.
  • I Chose to highlight this reflection because I thought that this was a really a proud day for me
unfourtnatley this project didn't last long.
I worked with out my partner today. We teamed up with
another team making a pinata and we made an online pole together, I have made a list
of things that we can do in the future quarters and we are going to work off there.
No challenges that i know of.
    • This is one of my favourite reflections because i thought I really perservered with out my partner
from what i remebered and worked really hard and we finished the pinata the next day my
partner showed up.
Since Nina was not here I had to researcher so i didn't really do anything
but research different kinds of aerospace.
This one shows the ups and downs of working with partners and our issues.

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