MAB5 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • String Savvy
    • "String Savvy" is the project I did for the third quarter. This project includes making bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other odd objects. My partner and I have learned how to use tools like wire cutters and pliers. Personally, I have learned how to work better with other people. Together we have made some really nice pieces of jewelry that we soon hope to sell. This project has been a great learning experience and it gives us fulfillment to know that we are recycling and reusing to make cool things.
  • DIY Dog Agility
    • My quarter 2 project this year was to build agility equipment. I learned how to be more careful when measuring and building. I also added another variable: a dog. I had to use her to test my products. Adding another living variable to a project was difficult, although not impossible. I had to put a lot of effort and time into each individual obstacle, which was a first for me. Overall, I learned a lot about building good structures and accepting and using criticism to my advantage.
    • My project this quarter was building a house for my cat. My house was completely successful, except for the death of my cat. When I built this house, I learned how to use shapes for architectural advantages. I also learned how to design a good layout that properly divides one area from the other. I had to find a way to create a leak proof litterbox in half of the box using cheap and easy materials. I completed my house and successfully made a comfortable living space for the Kitty. My project taught me a lot and it went exactly as planned.
  • Terrarium Trinkets
    • My project was making decorations for terrariums. I think my project was successful because I fulfilled my goal and had a failure. My goal was to present and get Liz involved, and I did exactly that. I presented at Make Share Faire with Liz and the content of my project, and had an exeptionally large crowd. I had a few bumps in the road, too. I dropped and shattered a clay cave that I made, and whilst on the way to Make Share Faire lizzie had diarrhea all over her traveling case. My project taught me how to problem solve and craft.
  • Terrarium Trinkets
    • This project is for crafting terrarium decorations and caves. So far, things are going well. My materials are easy, and this project is really fun. The decorations I make from this project will be used in my Bearded Dragon's terrarium. They will be examined, tested, and approved by my Beardie herself. Each thing will take a certain amount of time based on size, detail, and function, and material. A goal of mine is to present somehow, and maybe get Lizzie involved.
  • Phenomenal Phone Cases ( continued )
    • We decided to continue this project because a new resource came into the picture. The Cricut. The cricut is a machine that cuts materials for you into any shape or design you choose. It tends to take longer, the more detail to the design. It will be very helpful with our cases. So far we have done small "test projects" to get used to the machine. I personally cannot wait for more things to do with this project.
  • Phenomenal Phone Cases
    • We did this project to boost our creativity skills. We even made cute little people out of phone cases! A project like this is very relaxing and fun. I hope maybe I could do another project just like it. It's truly a phenomenal project.
  • Glitter Leaf Wall Decoration
    • I chose this project because I thought it might let out on my creative side, and it did. I didn't expect it to be as hard as it is, but it is still very enjoyable. I cant wait to finally finish and hang it up on my wall. This project is very time absorbing, but so worth it. I hope to do something fun and creative for my next project as well.
  • Minecraft zoo
    • I wanted to do this project so I could explore MineCraft a little bit more. I wanted more experience. This project was very tiring and required a lot of maintenance. It definitely was fun in the end.
  • Minecraft City
    • Our mine craft city evolved from our "zoo." We couldn't download mods, so we shaped it to our way of playing. We are having so much fun with this and it is going to last a while.

Top Reflections:

  • Quarter 2 project - DIY Dog Agility
    • "One example of me managing my time well was ...
      I managed my time well when I started working on my project as soon as I came to class. When I ran out of glue, I cleaned up and watched agility videos and worked on my blog. To avoid having to clean up early because of a shortage on glue, I will make sure to bring art least 3 hot glue sticks to every class."
    • This reflection shows that I was productive and then made a plan to be even more productive in the next class.

  • Quarter 1 project - Cat House
    • "One example of me/us managing our time well was ...
      Today I managed time well when I started working as soon as I walked into the room. I got a lot of work done and I will probably finish building next week. I think that this project will be really successful and the cat will really appreciate the house.
    • This reflection shows that I finally learned how to manage my time.

    • Project 7 - Terrarium Trinkets
    • I learned...

      I learned a lot of different ways to make a reptile hide. I am very excited to start next week and spice up my beardie's terrarium! I think this project will teach me a bunch of cool stuff about problem solving and crafting.

    • I like this because it shows my eagerness to learn and get creative.
  • Project 6 reflections
  • Project 5 reflections
    • What got in the way of your learning?

      What got in the way was that the cases still didn't come. So instead Sophie just did my nails with stickers. I think they look good! this is so fun, I love this class!

    • What I need to do next is...

      I need to buy some more phone cases to decorate tomorrow. Then, next week we will decide which ones
      to sell or keep.

    • I learned...
      That Sophie was just stressed out and is now working and being very flexible.
    • I learned...
      that I can do multiple projects. I will start my project with Allie, finish my project with Sophie, and go back to Allie. YAY!
    • I think...

      That cricut is a HUGE help with our crafts. It is easy to use and cool to watch.

  • Project 4: What got in the way of your learning?
    What got in the way was that the cases still didn't come. So instead Sophie just did my nails with stickers. I think they look good! this is so fun, I love this class!
    • This shows a problem. and a solution. We had nothing to do, until we did.

  • Project 1: "What got in the way was I was told to stop the project I was doing, thus I had to find a new one."
    • this reflection shows that I had to push on for something new. I had to work harder. I needed to find something else to focus on and achieve.

  • Project 1: What got in the way was I couldn't bring my computer because it had a small virus. this meant I could do less work. I felt very stressed out by this and I hope I can relieve the virus. Hopefully this won't happen again.
    • I chose this reflection because it showed a real issue. I could not use a vital neccesity. We had to work a way around this and find a different option. This was FOR SURE the toughest part.

  • Project 3: I am having difficulty with...
    Taming horses. it takes about five minutes just for one! I'm very frustrated because we started with a rescuing facility, But we can't rescue!
(bullets weren't working) This reflection shows that I had a block and I needed to solve the problem. this helped with problem solving skills.

  • Top Critiques:
  • Quarter 2 critiques
    • I think that maybe you could build an ultimate project, you could print several pieces and attach them to make something.
    • think maybe you could practice the songs at a faster pace, and do finger exercises to make it easier.
    • I think that maybe you could expand your project and build bigger and more useful things? I also think you should take more pictures.
      • These critiques show that I pushed others well, I was polite an straightforward.
  • Project 7 Crritiques
    • have you considered making decorations for more than just a terrarium like a aquarium?
    • Maggie, I would suggest you try to use more stable materials for your reptile.
    • How long will it take you to make a hide for your pet?

  • Project 6 Critiques
    • Maggie, I would suggest you try to use more stable materials for your reptile.
    • How long will it take you to make a hide for your pet.
    • Are you gonna have like reptile Skin?

  • I think you should add some pop out stickers or make it waterproof.
  • I would recommend adding some photos of the phone cases because it would help draw my attention
  • I think your project is really good but I was wondering where you would sell the cases and how much would they be.

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