LRH3 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Minecraft
    • The Reason I chose Minecraft is because I would learne how to create and survive the wilderness. I learned in my Minecraft that if you might want to achieve something like go to the End it might not go as planned. Everything I do in Minecraft I always make a mistake in what I do and i have to erase that and do it again. Sometimes Minecraft can get boring but I got some friends to do it with me and everything went super and easier!!!
  • CRLtv
    • I chose thi scause this is really fun with the frineds that im gunna be doing work with. We made a youtube and we are getting ready to start the project for are youtube channel. We are doing How-Tos and gaming vids so the entertaiment is ready for the show. Riley,Me,and Clayton are working on it and we got all of are positions ready. Well, check out are channel when we got videos.

Top Reflections:

  • Minecraft
    • I Did this project because this was my first project i've done in thinkering.This project was really fun and me and my friends had a good time learning about everything. If you want to play Minecraft then first you should know the basics and then have fun and learn. :)
  • "We got wool and we edited the houses. I went to find sheep and I failed. J.T. got wool but he got lost and now i have to save his pixal butt".
    • I chose it because it shows that i would go save anybody in a situation and i will even if it takes to sacrifice myself for them.
  • CRLtv
    • I'm doing this project cause i always wanted to do how-tos and play with friends on a certain game and record it
    • This shows how i can do in public and how many videos i can get on this channel and subscribers
    • We started to make the tv channel and we made the youtube account and now we are editing are channel page to get the videos running
  • "Instead we made a youtube channel instead of doing live TV so we got this in the bag..... maybe."
    • I chose this reflection because i was thinking of a youtube channel instead of spending money on a video tranzmitter so i told riley then he said "yeah that will probaly do way better" so we did that.
  • "We found a video trazmitter and that will brodcast and also we have channel 15 for are news channel".
    • I chose this because it showed what we were planning in what we were going to do with the trazmitter.


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