LRG3 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Beat Making
    • I like this project project because I get to make music. In that way it is fun to me.

  • Lrg3 NFL Rundown

    • I chose this project because I was very intrigued with the NFL and all of it's teams. I wanted to find out who was the worst and best in every category.
  • Kerball Space Project

    • We choose this project because we figured it would be hard and challenging. We tried to master tools that some of us could not comprehend. It was hard fun but we overall liked it because we got to work with rockets and space planes. We also destroyed our goal because we could land with planes easily. We all were able to get hands-on experience because we had enough computers and were all flying and landing.

  • Photography Project
    • I chose this project because I love beautiful pictures. I love colorful art and wanted to create my own art so I made a Google slides on this. I normally just took photos from the web and made them stand out a little bit more, by adding color or contrast. This was a fun way to test my skills in the arts. I had fun working with friends. This was an enjoyable project
  • Taking Over In A Civilized Way
    • We chose this project to learn about history and learn how to trade/attack. We ended up trading and fighting with many of history's icons. Like Ganges Khan, Alexander the Great,etc. We learned how to sustain average life in a older civilization. This was a fun experience, and I got to learn a lot of attack strategies.

Top Reflections:

  • I am making progress on being able to make beats. I need to find a better pattern for my 808s to be at.
    • I like this because it shows exactly what I was working on then.
  • I/We think this project went well when we were able to fly. We learned how to use complex wings and engines to our advantage and even learned to use gears. We knew different styles of flying. I think this project went well because we were able to nail the end goal. That is to land on the ground with a solid plane.
    • We had hard fun when we were creating and learning how to use various tools. We even called one Fish Kabob and Mammoth 1, unfortunately, these spaceplanes are no longer with us. We crash landed various times and we needed more fuel on accuracy on the landings. But then we found the Evolons that could keep our planes in the air. These things let us fly for miles because they were like extra wings.
  • I/We think this project went well also because we were just doing well and were able to use the internet to our advantage. We were able to use tools and search things on safari. On thing that we didn't have thought is prior knowledge of space flight. That cost us serious time building. When we made our planes they didn't fly right away, but they gradually got better as we got the hang of it more.
    • We had hard fun when some of our planes didn't land. This was hard to get over because we tried to change the wings but that wasn't the problem. The problem was the Evolons and the engine. We were using the wrong fuel all along. We had created an air sustained plane. This was the fun part of the project.Today I/we improved* my/our original plan/design by...
  • Today I/we had hard fun when;
    I was able to take out all of America and start attacking England.
    I also got into the gold age.
    Started war with Japan
    Explored way more with Trireme
    • I feel that this is a top reflection, because it shows how long it takes to take over civilizations and gain more land. It also shows that many wars will occur at a normal rate. I feel that I had hard fun that day because I had to take over other cites. This shows that exploration and trade routes are key in the meta of this game.

Top Critiques:

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