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  • Focus on Forensics
    • This project has changed even further! We have made more videos and posted them and we have reviewed more videos from other Forensicators. Though this project is changing, It doesn't really have a point to strive toward to. It has no goal. We will make another project next year about movie reviews. It will also be a branch out of forensics as we can review the actin, and our acting in front of the camera for reviews will help.
  • Focus on Forensics
    • I truly believe that this project has evolved. We have posted some of our videos on Youtube. We now have another task looming ahead. We now need to post what we thought of our pieces on Youtube. It will be in a sort of "react" video format. We still have to ask Mrs. Bassit to put the pieces on the website, which, in fact, can help us for our new pieces and upcoming competitions . It will help people from the new class (intro to forensics) that will soon become forensicators, and will help them learn more on what is forensics, and how they can become better
  • Focus on Forensics
    • We are making a project to inform people about forensics. what it is, what to do, what not to do, and why it can help you in the future. We will post it on youtube and covingtonproductions.com. Basically, this project can help people who want to join a forensics. It can then help them and give them tips on what to do. All throughout this project I was thinking " man I this project would be totally helpful by showing me what i need, like eye contact and what would be a bad idea like fidgetting to do when I started forensics."
  • Pixel art making
    • I chose this project because It is my first and latest. I also work very hard on this one while making my pixel art and creating the main frame of my game. It was and still is very hard to create an indie game like I am doing. I hope that when I finish the game, many people will play this game i am creating. Also, It taught me that coding and creating a game is harder than it looks. Also, getting to create pixel art is a lot of fun.

Top Reflections:

forensics dos and do nots reflections
  • We finished recording our video.We are ready to edit it on iMovie. many of our strengths and weaknesses were visible this week. We saw that working together can distract us from doing our work. But at the same time, we saw that working together has its advantages. It can help us make work go faster.
    • I think this is a great reflection because i really explain in detail what happened. I also explained that many of our good and bad personalities showed. we worked very hard, but at times, we goofed off. I explained why goofing off when we should be working was bad, and why working was good. I even explained the positives and negatives to working together. This is the evidence that I have.
  • WE have posted the good and bad pieces on youtube. WE also, made a playlist of all the videos that we reviewed on our youtube channel. they gave us inspiration to continue our videos and therefore, become better at forensics. We will make another piece to make videos on and therefore make even more changes and inform people on what forensics is. It will also help people who need help to become better at forensics. We experienced how veterans of forensics make their pieces better.
    • this was another great reflection. at first, i explained what we did. We got inspired by what the others did and posted their videos of their pieces. It helped all of us be better at forensics. I also explained our overall goal. To make people learn and even maybe try forensics. The final sentence explains what we have been doing and who we are trying to learn from and therefore become. We want to become veterans at what we are doing.

  • I found multiple videos of forensics pieces to analyze to see what the forensicators did well and not so well. we will incorporate these into our videos. The videos will be about what to do and not do when performing a forensics piece. It will help introduce this form of acting to everyone. and help show people what forensics really is. We told what we were looking for and It will also explain what forensics is, which is a little known form of acting.
    • What you were thinking
    • basically I believe this reflection was good because it really showed how this project started out and how we find our ideals for videos. It also really shows what we will do in the future with this project and i really believe it rounds out the whole thing. We told what we were looking for and It will also explain what forensics is, which is a little known form of acting. Maybe people will join Forensics and make it more well known. Forensics can also help people during public speaking.
  • "I have worked very hard on making the skins. I was very proud when the ninja was finished. Everyone thought that I did a good job.
    So, when i did the zombie, i was suprised that I got even more people to like it. I started even faster and am close to finishing my next character, beetlejuice. I made beetlejuice's body according to the picture I found online. I thought it looked pretty good. So next class I will finish beetlejuice. Also, I plan on starting the next character, which is a suprise. Well see!
    • I chose that reflection as the best one because its my most thorough reflection on my current project. It shows how all the other groups and I get along and exchange feedback to make our projects even better. I also believe it shows my determination to make all the other groups proud and make myself proud for my hard work. It shows that the connections between multiple groups is necessary for a good project. But this also shows that things can go wrong, with getting a bad character"Beetlejuice" which is not going to be in my next game.e.
  • "I finished my dragon, who looks awesome. I also set up a page to get feedback easily without bothering other groups. So Mr. Whitmer won't get mad at me. Also, I will soon get gamemnaker to create my video game. Also, I will add my sprites to the game.
    • This one isn't nearly as large as the other reflection, but I also believe it is a change in my learning project. It talks about me finishing my newest character one of the bosses, I also found a way of getting feedback without bothering other groups like in the past and It talks about what I will do in the future. I believe it tackles all the bases with this reflection.
  • "Today, we showed our projects to our groups. I had a lot of very good comments. They show me that I should make more helpful side characters and learn to make a platform rpg. Also, I learned that I need to make items so the game is more entertaining. after that I started the samurai and finished the dog. overall I think I worked well today."
    • This one shows what my friend told me about my project and how to increase the quality of it. It also marks the first time getting feedback from feedback groups, and starting to get main elements of a game and, arguably, side elements noted that will get to the game later on.

Top Critiques:

forensics dos and do nots critiques
  • This was a very interesting project ideal. I believe it is a good project to continue on. But, you could decide to strive for a stronger project goal.
    • I believe this was one of my best reflections, because i explained how his project was and what it is supposed to be. He really worked hard on it. I found a quick and easy solution to his only problem. He didn't have a strong goal that is achievable, but will need hard work to achieve. So I told him what he should find. I think it really shows what a reflection should be.
  • Owen, you should make a more streamlined goal in the end, not just make a space colony. But other than that your project sound fun.
I believe this was a good critique because i believe I really helped by giving him my feedback and streamlined his goal. I also, told him to get more excited in his project because he likes it. He will be able to enjoy it more if his goal is streamlined. He will then be able to reach a set goal. Then he will be able to feel the achievement of completing the project.
  • "edit on last comment:Feedback:Laurent
    I love the project ideal but, I think you should work on a goal, like maybe a talent show, but otherwise I hope you continue on the project.
    • I think this is my best critique so far because of the amount of work I put in it having edited my last post to be more specific, and I think that the person that I sent it to will actually use this information to. Also, It shows how I combine constructive criticism and what I like that he did on the project..
  • "like project ideal but would like a more structured plan and goal

    I believe this one is good, though it is very short because I believe the person needed a more structured plan and goal. I also used the proper format unlike the one above. I also, listed that I like the project Ideal which shows the parts that I liked in the project. I was using the 1 thing you enjoyed and 2 things you want to be better format.

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