LMS4's Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Clash of Clans Race to Champion
    • In Clash of Clans race to champion we made a effort to get to the champions league and screen record our progress through out the project. We really wanted to get to champions league so we thought this project opportunity was a great idea to learn how to get there and learn how to screen record. We learned basic iPhone screen recording using quicktime. Quick time is not laggy and stays perfectly clear the whole time, unlike other screen recording soft wares.
  • GoPro Wakeboarding
      • GoPro Wakeboarding was our last project using GoPro studio software to edit our movies. This was our best GoPro studio video because we really learned how to use it. It was a good quality video with different points of view to record. We went wakeboarding at my house over the summer to record our footage. We did wakeboarding tricks, and video taped from board perspective chest persctive and boat perspective to get the best quality footage.
  • Go Pro Sports Page
    • Go Pro sports was a definitely one of my best projects. We used iMovie to edit our GoPro videos unlike last year, we used the GoPro software. We played soccer mostly for our project. We made a juggling video, a time lapse of walking out, and we combined them together to make one video. We made a bunch of freestyle videos but we had to delete them because of bad quality.

  • Go Pro Snowboarding Project LD
    • Go Pro Snowboarding project is the most fun by far. We are using the Go Pro Studio software which is a go pro video editing software. We usually go to Alpine Valley which has the best terrain park in southeastern Michigan. Sometimes we go in my backyard because I have a homemade terrain park with a rail and a jump. This project basically is a tutorial to beginners and to show case our skills in the park.
    • This year we continued the Go Pro Snowboarding Project because there were so many new video editing softwares we didn't try out. We only used the Go Pro software for editing, this year we wanted to try out different editing software. We tried to edit a video with iMovie and finished it. iMovie had different things that Go Pro studio, they had more options than Go Pro studio, like slo motion editing. We also used a timer that showed how much air time we got, they don't have that in Go Pro. We want to try a video with Final Cut Pro.

  • Minecraft Survival Island
    • Minecraft Survival Island was so far my favorite project because it was the only sucessful one out of the other two we did. This is my favorite project because it is the most interactive thing we have done. Each and every person has a job they have to do and do it or it screws everyone up, so its teamwork is what makes you survive. I also like that our house we built was on a tree and it was like a mansion tree house.

Top Reflections:

  • I/we learned
how to voice over our clash of clans raids. We commentated out clan war attacks and we should have them out on the wiki next clan because we are finishing up editing. As we commentated our videos we wanted to learn how to make our recording free of any background noise. We fixed it and now our videos sound is great!
  • My/Our next step will be...
    Our next step will be continuing going wake boarding throughout the summer and getting footage for next years class and continuing the project. We also like the photography involves action sports. One way we might solve this problem. We would like to show people the problem of doing projects out of class. We also want to solve the problem of people learning how to wakeboard that are visual learners.
    • This was one of my best reflections because it really explained our project and what we learned.
  • "Today we looked up more videos and learned how to do a tame dog, 360, 180, board slide, and 50/50, so these weekends will be really fun to experimenting on with our newly learned tricks."
    • This was my favorite reflection because it gave tricks we have done and are learning to do. Right now we have everyone of these tricks down except the tamedog which is a front flip. The videos we watch in class are very helpful to us, it helps learn how to do the tricks. When we learn how to do the tricks we take the to the park and try them out.
  • We finished our first video and posted it to youtube. We edited it. We got 50 views already. We hope to get 1,000. We are going snowboarding at Alpine valley tommorow
    • This is my favorite reflection because the video was successful on youtube, as of now it has 104 views. This makes me proud because we edited the videos and made the youtube channel in the same day.
  • What did you learn about learning? We learned that we made mistakes in our past videos and they are pretty bad. The videos this year are going to be better because we learned more about recording and editing movies. We are going to record with a pole mount to stabilize.
    • This is one of my best reflections because I really explained what was wrong with our video recording. When I fixed my pole it made the video a lot more stabile. We got a tripod mount attached to the end of the pole to fix the issue. The pole mount helped stabilize it as well because my hands are a lot more shaky.

Top Critiques:

  • I believe your project is really good and nice use of a capture program to record your attack could you do things though where you record live attacks instead of replays?
    Also what trophy count is champion? how can this make it more difficult?
    • This critique is one of my favorites because this person gave us more things we could screen record to show our progress in the game

  • Well I think you need to add pictures of what it looks like so people can picture how it works.
    • I think was my best critique because it got to the point of what I was saying.
  • "I really think you need to post more data to the wiki like screenshots and such. It would really help your revision."
  • "I think you should post screen shots of each building. You should give a short explanation of the screen shots."
  • The video looks like it is coming out good, the one thing that I am going to say is to get more footage. When you do get more footage you should arrange it in a way that looks good and has a "climax" per say.
    • This critique is the one I like the best because this helps me put in my head that I need to add more footage. After that week he said that, we went out snowboarding to get some more footage. We fixed the "climax" and it made the video a lot better. I think the video is better since we made it longer.
  • Michael I think you should make a new page to show progress on your "MiniBot". A new page would allow us to see each day what you are working on. Post pictures and videos of your progress.

All Projects: