LMN3 Portfolio

Top Projects:

Basketballers, basketball tutorials-

  • I chose to highlight this project here because it was our first project and probably our most sucessful project. We worked really hard and got the right information to make our videos. We had to do research and look up videos from people like, Steve Nash, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant. We chose this project because we both really like basketball and we are both skilled basketball players. We also learned alot of new tricks from watching the videos.

Footballers, Football Tutorials-

  • I choose to highlight this project because it was very succesful for us and it was a run-off of our basketballers project, just with a different sport. We worked hard as a team to get this project completed because it was not easy. We both love football also and Ryan is very good. We had some struggles because we werent really sure what we wanted to do with the footballers at first but then we finally found out are idea. We also came up with alot of football plays as our other project.

LRsportsBlog, Sports Blog-

  • This is our sports blog, I chose to highlight this because we worked really hard to get all the posts in from the top stories around the league. Ryan helpes with the researching while i am usually the one who types the stories out. Our blog has been having great sucess and we have been having views from aorund the world. We chose this project because we thought it would be alot of fun to research about our favorite teams and our favorite sports and it is very fun. We get most of our research from ESPN and they are very helpful. We are having great sucess with this project and we hope to keep it going.
Top Reflections:
  • "I learned how to shoot and play defense, I found tutorial videos about the project. We found videos from Michael Jordan, Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant/
    We found out that we need to make our video look professional and it has to be good."
    • I chose this reflection because it is my first ever reflection. It also explained alot about what we did and what i learned. We watched alot of tutorial videos about basketball from great professional players like michael jordan and steve nash. I also realized that I needed to have more interesting Reflections and they needed to get to the point.
  • "We watched videos about football tutorials from different quarterbacks throughout the NFL and college football. I didnt get off topic and I wasnt talking to other group members even know they wanted to talk to me."
    • I chose this reflection becuase I felt that it gets into good detail about how I was not talking to other groups and I wasnt getting off topic. It also explains clearly what we were doing in the day. I was proud of my self that I wasnt talking to other members of other groups, because that is what i tend to do a lot.
  • "We posted about alot of different stories including the manti teo story, lance armstrong. We also watched different videos. We are going to start making reports about our sotires, and also interview our classmates on what they think."
    • I chose this reflection because it is in detail and clearly states all of the interesting stories that we were posting about. It also shows a plan that we were contemplating but we did not end up doing. It was also when I realized that we were having a pretty sucessful blog and that we need to keep it going and not give up. This is also around the time that we signed Tj and Aaron to a contract to be a part of our LRsportsBlog team.

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