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Top Projects:

  • 3d printing
  • I liked this project because you got to check out things and make your own cool creation. this was a fun project to do. I ope I can do this again.i made y o. a birthday gift and she other stuff. my project was with Chiara I hope can do this again.
    1. CAM7 & LKS3 3D Printing Proposal
    • I chose this project because because it ws like a sucker in a chopstick.
    • it was fun and we got to eat cake and make cool things out of frosting
    • I like this project because it was cool to see what you can make on a cake. This project was fun because it was an edible one. It also had a pretty ending. we made flowers and other stuff. this project was kind of messy but it was worth it. we made our own cake and frosted it it was so much fun! that is why I love this project.

Top Reflections:

  • cloud slime
    • I chose this reflection because it was so much fun there was to parts to this project the first part was were you make slime the second part was were you add the fake snow this was a fun project and a cool one because when you added the water to the snow the fake snow got bigger so when you add it to your slime it get big.
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  • today we finished cake decorating and took pictures
    it was so much fun we even uploaded a video to youtube.

    • I like this reflection because it was a fun one. this project was. good because we uploaded it to a youtube video.this is why I like this reflection.

Top Critiques:

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