LGK1 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Hair
    • For this project we extended it through quarter three and quarter four because we enjoy it so much. We have been coming into class and getting right to work. We have been making videos and filming almost every class and trying to edit them all so we can post the on YouTube. We have been filming all types of hairstyles around the school (for different backgrounds). When we are done filming and we don't have any videos we have to film then we start the editing. We use iMovie and it works great. We are able to do everything including adding music to make the video better. Then we have to use special gear that Mr. Whitmer giver us to voice over, so that the video sounds better. Then we have been working on posting our videos on YouTube, this is a long process so we only have one video uploaded on our channel.
  • Hair
    • I like this project the most because we get to learn different hairstyles that we can use during my whole life. We are mostly just using hair ties and a brush, but we want to start using de-tangle so it doesn't hurt as much. The most difficult part is probably the first time you try to do the hair style because I always mess up on that part. Although it seems like it would take a long time to be able to learn how to do different hairstyles, it is easy to catch on to it. My main goal at the end of this project is to be able to do french braids, because i have been wanting to learn how to do that for a long time now. Our group also wants to do a YouTube channel showing the different hair styles that we do every class, and also showing off our own hairstyles that we can come up with. We hope that this project stays interesting so we do not get tired of it like we did the pillows, we hope that we keep on doing this project until the end of the year. All in all, we hope that we keep doing this project until the end of the year.
  • Pillows
    • I like this project because we get to sew pillows and we get to sell them. We are making pillows out of transfer paper, pillow cases, and needle and thread. The most difficult part of this project is sewing the pillows because they take time and you have to sew them really close together. Although we can't sell them during school hours we were still able to get a lot of people to but them, including teachers, and students. This project at first didn't look as bad because we weren't sewing that good, but over time once we started selling we were able to sew really good. MAKING OUR BUSINESS!!!!! Our pillow company is going well and we cant wait to get started. We finished our collage pillows and our customers pillow. We cant wait until we start making profits!!! We were able to make lists for who is going to buy pillows.
  • Project 1 (Fall DIY's)
    • My favorite part of this project is the leaves. I think this because i like how they turned out and how they look in my room . Also i like how it looks like they float because i used fishing wire. The most difficult part of this project was hot gluing it all together because you had to measure it all out and hot glue it and sometimes burn your finger. This proves that this project had some ups and downs but in the final look i liked it the best. All in all my favorite project so far was the leaves.

Top Reflections: Reflections

  • We think we have gotten really skilled and good with hair. We did some new hair styles today and they turned out great! The hair styles we did are perfect for parties and school. This was fun for us because we love doing hair on each other. When we complete a new hair stlye and it turns out good which we did we are very proud of our selves and know that we did our best work. We now can take the hard hair styles that we learned and combined the hair styles and make our own.
    • I choose this reflection because we have been doing really good on our videos and learning how to film videos and make them really good like some top YouTubers. In our spare time we have also been trying our new hairstyles. In these times we have come up with some really good hairstyles, which we are proud of. We also seen some different hairstyles we have seen online and we want to try out. This keeps us busy when we have nothing else to do . Also by doing this it helps us be able to make new videos on the new hairstyles we have learned.
    • I choose this reflection because this was the week where we had some troubles and we were confused about it. We were doing nothing and Mr. Whitmer gets mad at us and un-fairly sends an email. We do feel like we did nothing, but it may have looked different in Mr. Whitmers eyes. Even though he might have seen it differently i feel like he shouldn't jump to conclusions as fast as he did. I also feel that he should have gotten our side of the problem before he sent the email, because it would have caused less problems. All in all, we feel that this problem exploded way to quickly then it should have.
  • "My goals for this project are to make good profits off this project. This week we were able to almost finish our first pillow. We are hoping to make 3 per week, its only this week were only able to finish one. One strategy we used this week was sewing really tight and really close together. We did this so then the pillow will stay together longer."
    • I choose this reflection because i say what I'm doing, then i tell you where i am in the project, and my goals for the project. I did this because i want to make goals and explain whet I'm doing so it explains where i am in the project. this show s that i am bust and i am working during class. All in all thhis is my top reflection.
  • "This project meaningful to me, because i got to make a lot of things that i was interested in making. We were able to make and finish all of our projects for our Fall season. Today we are going to start a YouTube account to show off our DIY's. We hope that next week we will be able to either add one more DIY for fall, or we may just start our Winter DIY's. We may have to wait longer and keep the fall theme going. We had to research and ask for help from other teams for inspiration. "
    • I choose this reflection because i learned a lot more that week than i had most other weeks. I learned how to make a youtube account and run one. I also learned how to make a header for the YouTube account. Some challenges i had doing this was understanding how to do it and transferring it into the page. This proves that I liked this reflection the best because of how much i learned. In conclusion this week was important to me because of What i learned

Top Critiques: Critique

  • I liked how you decided to make diffrent things and different DIY's except maybe you should start doing a theme for your videos instesd of just pintrest DIY's like for example doing just hair or doing just nails or stuff like that.
    • I choose this one because it shows how i think there YouTube channel could be better. I said it needs more of a theme because there header does not match with there videos, and i think it would look better if it did have a better theme. Also the videos need a better theme because there are just kind of random things on Pintreast. Altogether it just needs a better theme, but besides that i liked there project and what they are doing.
  • "I liked the idea it had a good story, its just that the first level was really hard so you should make it easier."
    • I like this critique because it shows what i like and what i dislike in a nice and friendly way. I first say what i like about the project the i say what could have been better. On this project he made his own games with his own levels. I said he should have made the first level easier so then someone who has never used that could easily learn on the first level, the it could gradually get easier. I do though think it is a good project and fit for Wills personality i just would like them to be a little bit easier. All in all, i liked the project and the ideas of the project.
  • "I really liked all the ideas that you put on the shirt and how they turned out, although on some of the shirts you just put little patches in the corner. i think that if you did more to the shirts then it would look more like a new shirt. But all together i liked the projects."
    • I like this one because i think its nice and then serious. I think this because when i say i like it thats being nice, but then i add what i think can change . I do this because you always before you say what should change you say what should stay.
  • " I loved all of the projects that you listed that you wanted to do, i would love to see you do them! I just would like for the projects that you do end up doing to be a bigger project then just putting a patch on a t-shirt."
    • I choose this one because i think i did a good job explaining what i liked and what needed to be worked on. I think that saying the things i like first helps not sounding like i hate it right from the start. What i mean by add more things is adding more DIY's because there only doing one and i doesn't have many steps to it. This proves that i think that i like this the best because i shared what i liked and what needed to be worked on. All in all i liked this the best because i said what i liked and what i didn't

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