LGD1 portfolio 2016-17

LGD1 & SJG1 Youtube Channel
  • Sadie and I had some ups and downs this quarter. we had so many difficulties between finding the right recipes and the right ingredents and also staying on task with all of the distractions. One regret i had was not presenting in the make share faire i think i would have lots of fun and it would be a strange or different experence.

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LGD1 & SJG1 Youtube Channel
  • Sadie and I have worked really hard this semester we worked really well together and not all of our stuff worked out but at least we had loads of fun we are continuing this project but will stop sometime ,but through all of our struggles we had a good one , through slime and sand we made it out alive we had so much fun and got lots of things done even if there really was not a reason for them but I hope that things really did work out and Sadie had as much fun as i did. this project taught me so many things like not to wear wanted clothing while you make slime and not to let so many people play with and use your product but it also taught me no matter what happens there's always next week.
Fall Recipes MRM9 & LGD1
  • i enjoyed this project a lot i had loads of fun and i love how the video turned out it was funny for us because we had a complicated process but fun and funny.

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  • What skills did you use that you already had?

    i know how to cook and i know how to eat and make things with chocolate and i enjoy being on camera because i feel comfortable when i am around other people on camera.

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  • Allie I really think you should do Minecraft videos again instead of stopping and doing other projects you were really good at it
    • I was really curious on what her next project was she said it was nail art but thought she was very good at Minecraft and this was constructive because it showed that I knew what her last projects were
  • how long have you been working on this project and wow much longer are you planning to continue this project?
    • this shows that i care and helps because she should do other projects.

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Fall Recipes MRM9 & LGD1
  1. Holiday Recipes MRM9 & LGD1
  2. LGD1 Journal
  3. Mrm9 & Lgd1 project proposal page

LGD1 portfolio 2015-16

  • Duck Tape Crafts
    • we like this project because... we enjoy being challenged and enjoy being together

  • Today I helped Bridget by... Showing her how to create a rose out of duck tape
    and We helped Eloise by letting her use our materials all week because she forgot her materials.

    • because all of our other stuff was horrible

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    • Project 1: Duck Tape Crafts
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  1. Duck Tape Crafts Proposal
  2. Seasonal Holiday Recipes
  3. Summer Arts and Crafts