LEM7's Portfolion

Top Projects:

  • fairy garden
    • I always wanted to do a fairy garden and thats pretty much the omly reason
  • water marbling
    • I remember trying it in 3rd grade and it not working so I wanted to redeem myself also it seem interesting how the paint floats on the water and how it can dry on the water we marveled magnets and I can use them they are currently in my locker.
  • gemstone soap
    • it was the omly project we got to and I had a lot of fun making it. This project was a great experience and I can use it, it reminded me of when people made there own soap too. and it looks like a gem.

every good portfolio needs a n

Top Reflections:

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  • i'v got this
    • I no its not that much but it was my first success we marveled my magnet's and we split them up evenly
  • "we did good on some we had a great succse with a mold and melted a container"
    • one it is funny two we got are first successful soap! it was a blue ombre soap and it looked like a gem witch was what we were aiming for.

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