• LAS3 Portfolio

Top Projects:
  • VideoStar
    • I chose this project to highlight because it taught us a lot and I think it is a great tool to use in the classroom. VideoStar is a tool that is used to make good quality music videos with the music from your music library. It is a free app that is really worth the memory space it takes up. VideoStar taught us how to be good directors and gave us a chance to put our great quality control skills to work.
  • Moving On
    • I chose to highlight this project because it was a really good learning experience. This project taught us how to direct and how to oversee a production. We mostly only worked together on this one because we weren't aloud to work with other people yet. We are still working on the preview for the movie and we haven't started filming the movie yet,and we will still be working on the movie this quarter. We almost finished casting everyone and I learned that it is hard to work with other people. I worked on this project with Camille and we had a lot of disagreements when it came to some things. This helped me with my compromisation skills. Making a movie is a really good experience that teaches you many things.
  • Ninja Narwhal Blog
    • I chose this project to highlight because we are working on it hard. Camille and I are pretending to be the same person but Camille is sort of a disturbed part of the brain. This is sort of like an artsy blog where we post artsy things we like. We have a character that is one strange girl with multiple personalities that are actually different people. We explored different types of art and music and found many different types and people who do these. I learned how to use Blogspot (how to post pictures and embed things, etc.) Camille doesn't think people read it but I think it is very interesting and exciting.
Top Reflections:
  • "Today when we worked on Waka Waka we had a lot of fun. Waka Waka is a really good song to make a music video because we can mostly dance around and have fun instead of having to play the part of a really sad kid or something else of that sort. We are almost done with our video."
I chose this reflection because it is an example of how much fun we had during making a video. We worked really hard on that video and I think this shows how hard we worked.
  • "Today we worked on making our character more in depth and giving them names. I learned that it is pretty difficult to pick names for characters.I learned about the Hindu goddess of time and death who's name is Kali, and that will be the name of my character because she is the dark demon who is stealing the kids. Kali will stand for Calypso."
I chose this reflection because I am going to play Calypso and I like how it shows how I am really learning about my character. I think that whenever you have a character, you need to write a backstory. I have been in a few plays and I usually write a backstory so I can portray my character beter. When you are writing your own character, you need to make sure everything makes sense and fits together, and I think that name your character after a goddess that you have done research on is great.
  • "Today we started a blog where we are going to post art and pictures. We made a fake background that is our character. Camille and I are the same person. We were efficient because we managed to finish the first post and get both of us in it enough."
I chose this reflection because it shows our journey with working together and how we started the blog together. It tells about our character and how we worked nice and quickly.