LAG7 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Basketball Mixtape
    • We chose this project because we wanted to make something that other people could also enjoy other than just our selves. This project was hard to make because we had to watch like 2 hours worth of videos to learn how to edit. We failed a lot during this project but we got back up and tried again. This helped me learn a lot because it helped me learn how to edit videos and put stuff together.
  • DIY Ice-Cream
    • We chose this project because me and josh really wanted to do it and we thought it would be semi easy, fun, and tasty! We had some fails while making this project including, forgetting to bring the ingredients, and the ice-cream being to soft. At first we didn't know how to use the ice-cream machine, we didn't know what buttons to press, and where to put the stuff that came with the ice-cream machine to make it work. After we figured it out we put the ingredients in and hit he buttons to make it work and it started to spin we then waited 30 minutes for it to be done but by them class was over so then we had to come into lunch to clean up and eat the ice-cream
  • Hand Car
    • We came across some challanges thoughout this project, like we tried to program a car at first but that didn't really work out to good also our first robot wasn't really that good for a programming car also the ''code'' we used didn't really work we worked on it for over a month when we realized it was a waste of time, then... the remote died. While we were charging it we were playing around with the car. When, we realized that when we turn a wheel that was connecting to a wire thing that was connecting to another car the car would start to move This I think will be my favorite project for awhile since it has something to do with movement and cars and those are my favorite type of projects.

Top Reflections:

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  • "We made ice-cream"
    • This was our best reflection for "Ice-cream" Because we got the most done. We remembered to bring the ingredients and we made it in use 1 class period! We thought making this would take 2 class periods but we went really fast and it only took 1!
  • "We Built a hand car"
    • This was the best reflection for ''Hand car'' because we got a lot of work done in just 2 days we built a new car and even got an idea for a new car, and it worked unlike are last car we tried to program and it didn't work {Look at project 3 for more information} and we over all did a lot of stuff in such a short time we basically finished the project in those two 2 but the online stuff. I'm very glad this project is now finished as it has wasted our time on trying to program a car when we can just built a very easy car that works.

Top Critiques:

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