Kodu Page

You have to download both of the programs that come up including XNA


When you open up Kodu look at all of the tutorial videos that they have and do all the beginner ones so that you get the hang of it. Then try and find some that will help with your project.

Also visit the site below for more videos

Kodu Videos

When you first dowmload kodu it is hard but you just need to look at tutorial vides and a tutorial design after that it is when you get used to it. Once you start getting kodu you will get it so much more like in top corner it is when you can test it and on the bottom is allthe editing tools .

the basic program the kodu to move and act:
  1. go to editing mode
  2. click program on the bottom bar
  3. right click on the kodu guy, or other object you would like to change
    1. to change color/look:
      1. use arrow keys
      2. to chose colors
        1. to make kodu move choose arrow key option
        2. then choose arrow keys option or wasd(but if you have a Xbox controller program for analog stick or d-pad)
          1. to make your kodu shoot choose program
          2. shoot then choose blip and choose a key or use the mouse(that is how i prefer)