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Top Projects:

  • Project 4
    • We are still doing the same porject as we were in the thrid quarter which is hair. We have made a YouTube channel to show off all of our work so others can see it. On our YouTube channel people can learn how to braid and french braid so far. It took us a while to edit and do voiceovers espically because we were learing and testing out all of the cool tools that we got to use. We have also taken pictures of easy hairstlyes or maybe even repeated hairstlyes. We have also created a playlist of hairstlyes that we wanted to get to but since it is the end of the year I dont think that we will be able to do them, also we only have 2 more class so we dont have enough time to film, edit, voice over, and upload.
  • Project 3
    • I choose this project because we are having fun learning new and cute hair styles. There have been some challenges doing all the hairstyles because some are harder then others. We are very happy with the end results when we get to the end of the hair styles and when we dont mess up. We also have most of the materials that we need to do the hairstyles like brushes, hairties, hairspray, detangler, etc. We also forgot or didn't realize that we had to take pictures and put them on aa wiki page. We also found a good youtube channel with how to do all the hairstyles.
  • Project 2
    • I chose this project because we are starting a fun business with it. There were challenges along the way and we figured out answers to our problems but there were also very happy with the results. There were also high points when we were very happy with our thoughts and our products. Some of our low points though were figuring out a way to close the end of our pillows, sewing looked bad, but gluing gives a bad edge. We decided that we are going to hot glue the ends but fold them in so we don't get the weird edge. We also had a problem with the prices to start off with. We had made the prices to low and needed to make profit. Now we found better deals so now we are making profit again.
  • Project 1
    • I chose this project because there were challenges that we learned from. We had to figure out the best ways to complete our diy's without making a lot of messes. Which we were sorta successful with expect when the glitter came out. But we figured out a good way to save our glitter and not to waste it by putting a paper plate under and letting the glitter fall onto the plate. Then, we could take the extra glitter and put it back into the bottle. We also figured out ways to save material so they wouldn't go to waste like when taking mod podge we would pour it directly onto the plate instead of putting it on a plate and it gets waste if its not all used. We had a lot of challenges but we learned from them.

Top Reflections:

  • It seems to me that....
    we are kinda of procrastinating with uploading and editing our videos. We like to do eachothers hair but sometimes we forget to film. We also repeat prevous hair styles so there is no point in filming them if we already have videos on them. I also think that we could be a little faster at filming without messing up as much because it defiantly fills up our time limits that we have between each video. We have a plan for posting, filming, and editing, our videos. On tuesday its are editing and voiceover day. On thursday its are filiming and posting day, so at the begginging of class we film our next video, intro, and outro. Then at the end of class we post our previous video becuase it takes a couple of hours ot upload a YouTube video.
    • I like thsi reflection the most because it shows our groups problem and we gave a schedule of what we planed to do for the rest of the school year. I think we needed this schedule because one of our groups members was helping out another group from a different class on Thursdays. SInce she is the best one at hair it was hard to film sometimes. Also, we forgot the computer we our film on it for two weeks straight! We were behing by a lot but caught our selves up. Our group also had a problem with being lazy and doing hairstyles just because we wanted them.
  • One way our project has changed....
    Was because our leaves got tangled. We had to cut the leaves off of the tangled string and since some off the leaves got ripped we had to glue them back together. We also had to re glue the string and leaves onto the branch. Then, we went to the art room and painted the last bits of paint onto the wood next time we will spray paint them with mod podge.
    • I like this reflection the most because it shows how we were faced with a challenge but we overcame it. It also does a good good summarizing what we did that week. The reflection says that are leaves got all tangled and we basically had to rip our project apart. This was probably the most challenging obstacle that we had to overcome. But in the end we fixed it and it turned out great.
  • One problem that we have is.....

    On our pillows at the end part we need to figure out a better way to sew or glue that part.Because at the end when we turn it back side right, we have to sew the pillows and its doesn't look great. We don't want are pillows looking bad for our customers. Some of us are better then others at sewing, stuffing, ironing, and cutting so we all are working hard to perfect each of these skills but some of these might be our weaknesses. Other then that we planned our company very well and we are working great as a team
    • I like this reflection the most because it shows a problem that we had, but we found a solution. It also tells us that some of us are better at things then others. We are all working hard to learn all of these skills if we want this to be a business and carry it on for the rest of the year. In the end the pillows turned out great and cant wait to sell them.
  • We want to know...

    what we did in the first place.We had some "troubles" today with Mr. Witmer. We had to go down to Mr. Hill's office to talk to him because we were confused on why lily got in TROUBLE. Our group is done with this. We do nothing but laugh at each other because of a joke and Mr. Whitmer goes CRAZY. We feel like Mr.Whitmer is not treating us fairly, and when we went in the office it seemed like Mr. Whitmer lied to him about the whole story.
    • I think this is the best reflection because it describes exactly what happened one of the weeks. I think that Mr.Whitmer unfairly sent a email to lilys parents because he assumed she was laughing at him. Instead of hereing our story and understanding he jumped to conclusions way to fast and sent a email home.We think this is unfair becuase all we did was laugh at jordan hitting her knee. I think that maybe in his eyes it was a different situation but in our eyes it was unfair and silly we got in trouble for laughing at jordan hitting her knee on the table.

Top Critiques:

  • The idea is cool but have you ever thought about doing mutiple sports and if you post the videos you could have a multiple sports channel.
    • I like this critique the best because I had an idea that he could use but didnt go over. I had a clear point and get have confusing words or put extra that wasnt needed. I also told him that his project was a cool idea because there are people out there that would want to learn how to play a certain game or might just want to watch for fun. I also think that this idea could help him have more views or subsribers because it could be a sports channel instead of just a basketball channel or baseball channel. One thing that I wish i could of put in the reflection but i forgot to was what apps does he use and if he is goig to try different ones and test them out to see if ones better then another.
  • What other dishes are you going to use?????????????, other then that good project!
    • I like this critique the best because I thought i had a good question that she did not go over. I was very clear on my point and didnt have confusing words. I also told her that the rest of the project was very good. This question could be good because she could make more things people might want more or they might want and end up look better then just bowls. A mug, or plate, or cup might also look cute which i wish i would have said in the reflection but I forgot to. I also wished I couldve of asked what nail brands or colors are the best incase if one brand doesnt work right or if a certain color dosent show up because its to light.
  • Where are you going to find all your clothes to up cycle?, other then that good project"
    • I like this critique the best because I thought I had a very good question that she didn't mention. I was very clear on what I wanted to say and told her that the rest of the project was good and l really liked it. This question might even be something she has to think about because it might cost money and maybe she didn't even think about it.
  • "Are you doing any girl games/sports??"
    • I like this critique the best because I thought I had a very good question because he didn't show any girl games/sport. I was very clear on what I wanted to say and the rest of his project was very good. This question could be good to because he could get more viewers if he did girl sport games.

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