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  • Vine sized videos Project page
    • I chose vine sized videos with Noah because I'm not the best with stop motion animation so making tiny little clips is great practice.also I want to make videos like the people on youtube I watch. I really wanted to make cool stop motion because a few years ago I saw a awesome Spiderman stop motion I I wanted to do the same thing wich inspired me to make stop motion videos. and I want to learn cool affects to make to movie cool. and it is very challenging to know wich objects to use for the video and Noah and I have experience so we know what were doing.
    • I choose 3d printing with Noah because I saw a engineering type of choice hour that used 3d printing. I also wanted to do 3d printing with Noah because it was challenging and neither of us had experience so we could learn how to use it. we found this project very challenging because Noah and I found gains project and he made a draddle we wanted to make something like that so we tried making it and we made a design and I turned out like garbage It fell apart very easily. so mr whiter suggested Meshmixer and to find a boy named Jon quin so we found him and asked him how to use it we couldn't find computers with Meshmixer on it so it was hard to explain so the next day in thinkering mr whiter went on youtube and found us a channel on how to use Meshmixer and how to add supports. so we watched it and it helped a lot so right now we are making new designs on tinkered while trying to use Meshmixer at the same time.

    • Stop motion is when you take a bunch of photos and make it to one photo for example you take a figure take a photo move it a little and then take another photo until you have enough photos to make a stop motion video. I really like stop motion because you can add Coll affects and when you take the time into a good stop motion video you really admire yourself for what you have done. I got into stop motion because a few years ago I was on youtube until I noticed a video title called Spiderman stop motion part 1 so I clicked the video and it looked like the figure was alive I was amazed and fun thing is that youtube still makes stop motion on youtube. Im really picky on what figures to use in stop motion so I found stikbots and they were perfect the has great joints for posing and they had this sticky pads on their hand and feet so they will not fall down but I did have sum difficulties keeping stikbots in the position that I want them in. who also helped me with stop motion was the stop motion studio app it helped because is helped me crop out hands and stands I have and there is a marker so I can make petals and stuff
  • Stikbot stop motion
    • Stop Motion in general is when you take a hole bunch of photos of figures moving and then when your done taking pictures you edit all of the photos and make a video. and you can have fun with it by making cool affects like making a missile and the figure can hop over it.and the figures that im using for the project are called stikbots. stikbots are little figures that have these sticky things and joints so they can have good posture while you take a picture. and we use the sikbot app that puts the pictures together. and then when the app puts the pics together you can add sound affects and add music and when you are done using it it all turns out well.

    • coding and java script is a bunch of codes that can do a lot of things. You can communicate do math in different ways and if i was in India and Noah is in England and we are working on a project with coding like we are writing on a story he writes in the morning and i write in the afternoon if i see he does a mistake then i can write a code/comment that he can only see so i wont pop up on the final draft then he can fix his mistake. i chose java script because i thought it was very interesting and i thought it was cool that you can make games by coding and i love gaming so that is a perfect match. and one day my mom told me that people interviewed kids and they asked what they wanted to be when they grow up some said football player basketball player but they showed them that we dont need a new football player we dont need a new basketball player but they said there are 4,000 different jobs that involve coding and that they get a high pay and that most people that code are very successful so i thought that coding was a promising project.


    • i chose this project because i like watching football and i love writing about it like watching the games and then writing a summary about them. And i like that when i dont have any ideas i can go to espn to see what they wrote about games and then i get ideas then write it in my own words. i also like that when my dad has appointments and dosent get to watch the games he can catch up on the blog. nd i like showing my grandparents the blog because my grandma dosent know that much about football at all so i can use my blog to tell her whats happening and my grandpa likes my blog because he loves sports including football. and finally i love watching football and it feels so good writing about games that i enjoy watching like the greenbay vs dallas.
  • Game Star Mechanic
    • I chose this project because it taught me to make making games so much easier in game star mechanic. and playing game star mechanic and playing other peoples games that they post made me think of what other techniques I can use to make my game. it taught me how to use electronics for gaming more easily.

Top Reflections:

  • One way I/we showed resourcefulness was .. that Noah and I finished our project proposal and looked for new projects. another way that Noah and I showed resourcefulness was we uploaded photos of our final project to the project page. we had difficulty with this because we had no idea how to upload a photo to a wiki. so we asked mr whitmer how he could help us so he told us to find Xavier and he helped us upload the photos and at home we will finish the project page
    • I chose this reflection because it shows how Noah and I finished a lot in two days and how we multi tasked. and It shows what difficulties we had and how we overcame those problems. and it shows how Noah and I were on task by having a little fun trying to open up to new projects. my reflection also shows how mr whitmer makes us more independent not doing the work for us and teaches us how to overcome difficulties. finally it shows how Noah and I make a pretty good team we are good friends and we operate efficiently making suggestions and agreeing to different projects.
  • ne example of me/us managing our time well was ... that Noah and I went to youtube to look up thedifferentprojects we could do for 3d printing. and sense that we were trying to get the hang of 3f printing so Gavin showed us his draggle that he made and me and Noah thought that was a good idea,. so we made our own top and now we arguing to print it
    • I did this reflection because it shows Noah and I are using our recourses and we are using our time well. also we are putting the effort into what we do. difficulty are that are project didn't turn out so well.=
  • I/We think... that if I use the stop motion app I could do better with filming and the speed of the video. and after I film the video I can edit the video and then post it. but I'm wondering if I will be able to save my work then add on to it. I'm thinking the stickbot stop motion app won't work for me anymore because this stop motion that I'm doing is more complex and more difficult so now I'm starting with the stop motion app
    • I did this reflection because sikbot studio app was not so helpful with stop motion as this app is way more helpful. this reflection shows that I'm open to suggestions and that I like the stop motion studio app better. also i did this because it shows better quality. and the last appp showed foggy footage and the stop motion app has way better footage
  • this week i learns that we can use tape to make the stick bot jump. and i learned that stop motion takes a long time. finally i learned that it takes patients to make a good stick bot video
    • i did this reflection because this shows we are making good progress making a stikbot video.
  • This week I/we took the proper time for the job when ... i did 5 whole lessons done. and i found out how to do messages. and i found out how to do math problems

    • i did this reflection because it shows that i took a lot of my time into coding done.
  • I/We think that i am getting the hang of making a blog for the first time. and i think since i don't know a lot about football i can write about teams i dont know so i can learn about them too. and i can try to write about stuff people dont know.
    • this shows hat im working hard on something i don't know and its a plus for me because know get to learn more about football. and its interesting because ive never made a blog before. finally i can learn about football while im working on my blog
    • because this shows i work on my time well

Top Critiques:

  • I really like your project it was really fun when my partner and I did that project. your designs look cool and fun. but the effort and what your getting done seems a little slow. maybe you can raise the effort a little higher I really like your project overall its super cool.
    • I did this critique because I thought thought he hasn't printed anything in a while and I really like the creations he makes. but Ethan hasn't worked the hardest from what I see. so I tried to push him politely into trying a little harder.
  • great project I just think that you could add more detail so people could understand your project a lot more once you've done that I'm sure people will want to do this project

    • I did this critique because in the presentation he didn't have much detail in his portfolio or project page so the next time he presents he can show people how cool his project was so my classmates could enjoy there project

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