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Top Projects:

  • Samantha
    • For our protect we are making a scary movie. The movie is a a scary movie. We have planned out the main plot line of our movie with rising action, Climax, and falling action. Every Tuesday we edit and plan out scenes in more detail using the plot line we planned out. Then we add the scenes we planned out to the script. Then on Thursday we film all those scenes we planned out on Tuesday. Sometimes we watch scary videos for inspiration. We have learned a lot about organization and planning throughout this quarter. we are almost done planning.
  • Samantha
    • For our project we decided to make a scary movie. Our movie is about a couple kids who go to school to study and something goes wrong. Samantha comes and takes one of the students and they are stuck in the school not knowing what to do. They are looking for the student who got taken trying to get her back and when they have an encounter with her they realize she has no eyes. They have been taken out by Samantha and now they are terrified and confused. But they wont leave the school without there friend. So they are trying hard to got back there friends for the movie. Each day we film then edit the clips. We are learning a lot about editing movies and we are gaining teamwork skills. We got our movie idea from.http://www.scaryforkids.com/one-two-one-two/
  • Katherine Sirich
    • For Eden and I project we decide to make montage videos. We are going to different places around Michigan and filming little clips. Then in class we edit the videos and putting them together to music.Then we upload our videos to YouTube. The purpose of the project is to show people things about Michigan that they don't really see or know about. We have learned so much about how to edit and new tools we can use. Overall we have improved a lot.
  • Katherine Sirich
    • For our project me and Eden made montage videos. We wanted to learn more about editing. We had learned a lot about how to edit and things we can do with iMovie. We have ran into some challenges but we have overcame them. We have worked hard and made many videos. I am proud of our project because we learned a lot and got a lot done.

Top Reflections:

  • I / We think...
    I think we got a lot done today we caught up on all the old script we haven't filled in yet. So now our script is up to date. And we planned out all the scenes we plan to film next week. We also edited a lot of the plot issues and the movie makes sense now. That's why i think we did a lot today.
    • I think this reflection is very good because it shows that we have had some trial and error. We have a lot of trial and error. At first we were just improving and planning out the scenes when we filmed it. But that wasn't working out well and the movie didn't make scenes. So then we basically started over our movie because none of it really made scenes and there were many plot flaws.The second time around and it says in this reflection we planned out the scenes and used the script. That's why i think this is a good reflection.
  • I/ We think... We think our move is gonna be more scary because we watched some scary videos for inspiration. We filmed a jump scare scene. We worked on it for along time and ran into some issues. But we fixed them and got a good clip.
    • I think this one was good because it showed that we had problem and we over came it. And it showed what we did and why we had the idea. It also explained the question very well. That day we worked very hard and it and I explained all that we did. That is why I think this one is good.
  • I / We think...
    We have worked a lot this week. We think we have done a good job editing and we are almost done. Our editing of the clips are on point with the music. We looked for a while for a good song and off one and it is going well with the clips.
    • I think this is a really good reflection because it is showing all we have done. It explains what we have done well. It also shows how we have improved and what we plan to do the next weeks for our upcoming videos. And it shows our work and that we are proud of. That's why i think this is a really good reflection.
  • I / We think...
    We are editing are new clips we filmed on Tuesday and putting it to music. This video is different then usual. It is more of a chill funny video that will help us with our editing. We think it will be funny.
    • I think this reflection is good because it explains a lot. I think it is really straight to the point. You know what we did and you understand how we feel and what we think. You know what we were trying to do and what we are going to do. Thats why I think this is a good reflection.

Top Critiques:

  • I like your project I think its a good idea. But it is very unorganized and you should have the world more put together. And maybe you could add pathways between the items in the world.
    • I think this is a good critique because it is very straight to the point. It also explains why i think what it think. I just think overall he gets the message and knows what i think.
  • I think your project is really cool. But i think you should make the entrance bigger.
    • I think this one was good because I gave a specific and good comment. I think this could make his Minecraft world cooler. And it is easy to identify and change. That is why I think it is good.
  • I think your project is really cool. But i think you should make it more village like. Add add some roads and buildings.
    • I this specifically told them what he should fix and i think it showed him what he needed and he could fix it fast and easy.
  • I think your project was vey cool. But i am confused as to what your goal is and what you are trying to do.
    • I think this is a good critique because it is challenging him do more and maybe make a goal. It was also very straight to the point and it made sense.

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