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  • LED Throwies Project Page
    • I succeeded in this project because i made this a really fun project this was my favorite project that iv'e done in the past two years i have been doing all different projects. I also fail because i could've started this project like 2 months ago everything turned out well in the end because i finished right on time with all the materials for the make share fair. Me and my partners project was a huge hit at this years mini maker fair we didn't have anymore materials left in 10 minutes everybody wanted a turn to make and keep the throwies. We almost failed because we couldn't get all the materials on time so we couldn't make they project if we didn't have the right materials. That is why that was the most fun project of the year and me and my partner had a great time doing LED throwies.
  • http://www.sploder.com/?s=d00573c5
    • I succeeded because i found a new way to have sploder and play the game i made a really good game thats fun and interesting. I also found new ways with sploder so that i could get new ways to create more games using diffenrt methods for example a different gameplay like a maze my last game play was retro arcade you have a single player and can find weapons like swords to use to defend yourself. people would pick these gameplay to pick freehand games without using blocks they used stuff like trivia crack. I wanted to try trivia crack to make a game like that but i tried than realized that it was really challenging to have your mouse click the correct answer. one mode called classic shooter was not my favorite but i still tried all the modes i succeeded in this one but didn't end up posting it because it was to hard and complicated for players like me to solve. In retro arcade i tried that game mode last which turned out to be a huge success in sploder because this time i published the game. I was proud of myself because i started from scratch and completed the whole thing after i decided to publish my game on sploder.
  • http://www.sploder.com/my-games.ph
    • This game I started about 2 weeks ago i have been asking for new ways and researching about these ways. This has been my favorite overall project this quarter. I will continue with this project for another 2 or 3 weeks till i can do it at any time whenever I want without researching any question like how to publish a game. I have not published any game but i am almost done with one. I will be publishing this shortly. Right now i am finding what the bad guys can do and cant do so i can make secret path ways to different places on the map.
  • KDV1 Project proposal KSP
    • In the outer space. They had to survive in space so i learned how to do it in different ways. So then i tried to beat the high speed challenge that nobody was done in like a year. We came so close to beating it but we failed on are attempts. KSP also had great graphics like the aliens on the space shuttles when we launched them they showed us the capacity and the total weight. You can also control the space shuttle in outer space or when you are coming back do to the earth. There is also land and water u can walk on the land but in the water you can died if you crash into it.
  • https://www.blogger.com/home
    • This was a great experience to the new blog website that i have been waiting to do. The reason why i liked it so much was because you could give other people information about college football games that were going on that week and the week standings. I also did it so it showed who were the top 10 best players in college football history which turned out to even inform me about some stuff to.

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This is going to probably going to be my second to last week untill i buy all the materials and start building my led trollies for the maker fair, i will be playing games and figuring out how these people make these special games with different strategies.

  • I have started to make my project and my blog I have made two more pages. One of my pages is called college football top 10 players ever. My other one is called college football schelule and it tells who is playing who and my next I am going to do the standings. i have fished 2-3 project over the course of the year.

  • https://gamestarmechanic.com/game/shared/309253/081601cd54bfae84960cf2c2cf72b8d8
  • i fished a lot of level's and started a new game with a new sraigtagies.and got new hero and started a new game. and used two way's of making things.
  • i started to start a new project then i stopped. switched back to my old project and stared to work on my game and publishing all my new game and finishing the quest. then i saturated to play other peoples games while making a new game.https://gyazo.com/224f7e4df76a755dcf6f512b6a2b6d46
  • My/Our goals for this project are...
    I finished the whole first one I could've finished it yesterday but it didn't save my progress. now my goal for every week is to finish the whole thing or 4 parts of one whole thing.
  • This is going to probably going to be my second to last week untill i buy all the materials and start building my led trollies for the maker fair, i will be playing games and figuring out how these people make these special games with different strategies.

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KDV1 Mar 16, 2017

Have new challenges for example going to a planet and landing on it

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  • KDV1 Dec 15, 2016

You should maybe add in some more traps for your secret room

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