kcb2 Portfolio

Top Projects:

  • Project 1 (Hair Styles and Portrait style photography)
    • I choose to highlight this project because i loved doing it. there was many challenging things and new skills i learned. I learned how to do many different types of braids. something that was challenging for me was french braid and a bow hair bun. But something that i liked to do and got to teach to other people was how to wave hair.
  • Project 1 (Water Marble Proposal)
    • i choose to highlight this project because this is the one we really worked hard on because this one was very hard and we could not seem to get it. we watvhed many diffrent videos and did step by step what theysaid but we found out that it was the nail polish we were using was not good enough and we were not using the right water it recomended using filtered water.

  • Project 1 (Hannnah,kasey and genevieve's proposal 5,000dollar project)
    • I choose to highlight this project because in my opion it was my favorite out of all of the project we did. it was very fun and it used skills that we will need every day. it used an expence making app on hannahs ipad and almost reached are goal o ffake spending 5,000 dollors. we ended up spendin 4,793 dollors. the app was called visual budget.
    • screen sho.png
    • this is all the stuff we bough for are project
  • project 4 (Ava and Kasey DIY project )
    • DIY means do it yourself, so for this project we make things. we have learned how to make diy wallpaper, backgrounds, and christmas gifts. We are not done with this project. we are still going to make pillows and phone cases and maybe more. How we find these projects is by looking on youtube, pintreast, ext. If i could do this project again i would make videos on how to do them and also add in video editing. This project requires you to work with your hands. You either follow exact instructions, no instructions at all, or you make a whole new spin on it! This is all about being creative. I Loved this project but i would have liked to add more tutorials.

  • Project 5 (Kasey and Ava nails)
    • For this project we are working with i movie and nail techniques. Are goal for the end of this project is to make high quality nail videos and be familer with imovie. We are going to do galaxy nails, polka dot nails, and more. what we have been struggling with is how to import correct audio that we own into the imovie. we have tried voice recording the audio but it can come out a little shaky. I would also like to find a way to make the nail polish stay longer without chipping. nails can be however you want them to be there is no instructions to go with it.Its all about creativity and imagination. One thing i would like to change about this is higher video quality. Overall i think this project takes a lot of creativity and i really like it.
  • Project 6 (Hair Styles and Portrait Photography)
    • For this project it was a mix of photograph and hair styles. Are goal was for people to be able to look at are page and see examples and step by step how to do it. we did tinker bell buns, wavy hair, fishtail braid and more. we practiced photography an hair styles, sometimes we just did photography or hairstyles. We also did them both together. We also had struggles. We tried lots more things then we have up there. We could not figure some of them out. This project took longer than we expected because we had a hard time with some of the hairstyles. overall in this project i learned many new hairstyles, portrait photography, and real life skills. overall i think tho seas a good project.
  • Project & (Video Editing Project)
    • This project was really fun and challenging. There are many components to making a video. The lighting, setting up the green screen, audio, microphone, ext. Another thing about this project that was very challenging is we did it with three people, we assigned roles. We had experts in some catorgys. WE had to watch multiple youtube tutorials on how to get the greed screen to work and how to do thumb nails. we worked on thumb nails for a long time. What thumb nails are is the front image of the youtube video, like you can make a collage of chose what you want the front to be. we have been trying to learn on how to do thumb nails and we will keep trying until we get it. overall this project has pleant of role for everybody and it very challenging. One of the jobs i am an expert at is setting up the microphone and audio box. i would highly recommend doing video editing.

  • Top Reflections:

  • "it went really well and we almost used all our money! we were a couple hundread away from meeting are goal and we decided that we are finished todat and we are staring to research are next project.."
    • I choose this reflection because i though it was the ery best on ethat i reflected on and i really told the truth
  • "we bought a couple things and just started working on are project and just started."
    • i choose this because it was my very first reflection of the year so i though it would be coo to compare my latest reflection to my first
  • "What skills did you use that you already had?i used the skills to straighten and curl hair. we had to do it much diffrently though because you have to do lots of peices. i also used my skills to not burn carley and know when its ready to use."
    • I thought i gave a lot of detail on what we did that day. i shared new skills i learned and challenges along the way.

  • What did you learn about your topic/tool?

    we learned that printing is not as easy as it looks. we used collage. com but then we reliezed you could not print off of it. so we problem solved by taking a screenshot of it. so the program is not perfect.
    • i chose to highlight this because its honest and gives detail. this day we were using printers. i like this reflection because i tell my problem and how i fixed it. it also tells that my project is all about exploring. we were using new programs and there were some we like and some we did not. We were using are resources and i think that really show in this reflection.
  • If we had a do over ...
    we would be more on task. we did not get as much work done as we had hoped. we did not have the right materials so we just researched. we need to work on starting fouled we learned this week
    • i chose to highlight this because i said were i can make improvements. i like it because i looked back on it the next week and remember those problems and it really helped me fix them. It also says a lot about my project, that you have to be careful and work fast. Nail polish is all about details. we did not have all are materials and i made sure to tell about that. Thats why i chose to higlight this project.
  • we would be more on task. we did not get as much work done as we had hoped. we did not have the right materials so we just researched. we need to work on starting fouled we learned this week
    • I like this reflection because i was honest. i summed up what i did while being completely honest. i also added why we did not get that much work done, because we don't have that much materials.

Top Peer Crituque

  • I think you could put the video on the wiki so there pople can see it. i also think you could show how to make the highlight reel so other people can make it.

    • i chose to highlight this critique because i thought i showed a lot of details of what i thought he should do. It gave him a lot of details of what he should do. It says a lot of ways to improve without be rude. thats what Peer critique is all about so that why i like this one.It gives my opion about his project. that is why i chose to highlight this.

  • You did a good job explaining to us what your project is. But you could make a page and explain what you are doing. You could also make a tutorial of how to make this scratch project. but over all this is good
    • i chose to highlight this because i gave him improvement that he could make. I thought that we did not know enough about what scratch was so he should give detail. I gave him my option on his project and what i thought he could do. This was not rude but gave suggestions. that is why i choose to highlight this peer crituque.
  • Your project is good. I think you could make a project page for this and show some examples of what you want to do. Who is going to be filming and how long are you going to make the videos?
    • i chose to highlight this critique because i was being helpful yet not being rude. i asked questions to clarify things. While i also gave him some improvements. that is why i like this critique.
  • I think you could edit the video more and add music. you could also try other angles for your goporo. But really cool project.
    • this is one of my favorite critiques. i said you should try filming from other angles i thought this would really look cool with his go pro project. i was very specific on my thought while being nice too. That is why i like the critique.

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