Top Projects:

  • Paper Airplanes
    • I chose this project because I got to learn how to make new designs of paper airplanes. We chose this project mostly though because we got to race each other. We checked out alot of websites and found cool designs and put them to the test. My favorite one was the stealth one and Chris's was the classic plane. His beat mine everytime but I still had fun.
  • Minecraft
    • I chose this project because I got to learn how to survive in the wilderness. Minecraft is a game where everything is square and you have to survive. Thera are monsters like zombies and giant spiders. You have to kill pigs, sheep, and other animals. You have to mine and learn the ways of survival or you will die and have to start all over.
  • Screen Cast O' Matic
    • We did a Screen Cast O' Matic. A Screen Cast O' Matic is a recording of what you are doing on the computer. We did some on kawaii run, mafia runner, and stick badmitton. They are all on my journal. My favorite was stick badmitton. I liked stick badmitton because we got to play eachother competitivly.

Top Reflections:

  • "We had another succesful day. We did best of 7 Chris won every time but once. Chris said I cheated though because his hit the roof. We learned the classic plane rises above all
    • I chose to highlight this project because I think we learned alot. Including new designs. But most importantly good sportsmanship. I think we both had alot of fun. But I still wish I could have beat Chris more. I think alot more kids should do paper airplanes for a project. It is alot of fun!!!
  • Today we made a basement under water. It has a water fall. I learned hunger can really hurt you.
    • I chose to higlight this project because it has good ideas and advice
  • We did 2 screencasts. One of kawaii run and one of stick badmitton. We found internet to be a problem. But I found beating Chris real easy.
    • I chose to highlight this project because it shows how much we can get done and our effort and achievement. Also it shows I am pretty good at these games and the internet can be real slow. And that you need to make sure cisco is on.