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Top Projects:

  • gymmasticsLearning gymmastics: This is a top project because......
    • I picked this unit because this project was my favorite project. I liked this project because it was very interactive and fun. We learned a lot of tricks and skills and improved from begging to end. We then made a video of all the tricks we could do! I chose this project over drawing because I did not find the drawing unit fun. And I have not yet completed the nail project so I did not choose that unit.
  • nail art
    • I picked this because we learned a lot of new techniques and designs. first we started off with solid colors and nothing else then we advanced to designs and symbols. We went to many websites that taught us new things and the steps to do them. We made a page documenting all of our improvements and add pictures.
  • Edits by maddie and Julia
    • I picked this photo editing prject because I learned a lot and I had fun while doing it. In this project we got pictures from the web and researched good editing websites that were free online and then tried to make our best edit and changes to the pictures. The picrtures we edited were faces of celebraties, nature, water, bugs and more. After we were finished editing we could see the major changes and we though the pictures looked alot better. While we edited we learned a lot about effects and skills for photgraphy.

Top Reflections:

  • We didnt do much but today I learned what i need to improve and do more in! I need to explain my reflections beter! Today was succesful because I learned a lot of what I need to do. And that I need to be more self started when my partner is not around and that i need to be less social.
    • I chose this reflection because This is when I realized what i needed to improve on and work on. I like this journal because from this point on my journals were alot better and improved alot. I also chose this journal because it was near the end of my gymnastic unit. Lastly I chose this journal because it was honest and detailed!
  • Today we finished maddies nails as planned but we realized that we couldnt use tape for the perimeter because it ruined the red base coat. We also made various corrections to her nails. we did get distracted with other groups but soon after realized and completely finished maddies nails. her nails turned out well and we learned many new tricks and techniques with detail painting today!
    • I chose this reflection cause it shows the good and bad we did. It also said what I learned that day and how i learned. I like this refelction cause it is in detail and shows how I have improved my journals through time.
  • today we used a new editing source called picmonkey, we also got pictuires of nature instead of people. we learned new exposers and how to deal with sharpness using the new editing website. Today was one of our best classes. We also were ontask the whole entire time we didnt get distracted or distract anyone. Next week we are going to take our own pictures to learn more about the photo process. we got a lot done and learned a lot today!
    • I chose this reflection cause in detail it tells the reader what i did in class what i learned and how I did well in class. I also like this reflecvtion because it says what i will be doing in the future, this journal is in depth and good information on what i did.

All Projects:

picture of drawing unit:
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