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Top Projects:

  • Chess
    • I have always been playing chess since I joined chess club in 2nd grade. I have been playing against my dad for a very long time, however I was always unsuccessful. In the recent months I realized that I should most likely buff up on my skills and try to beat my father. This required many things. So one day I had an epiphany, why don't I use my thinkering time to find a partner that would hopefully suffice in matching me. So, I looked and found Perry. Perry was successful in not only matching me, but beating. This gave me a challenge. I had to work to find a way to match Perry. I realized that constantly playing him would not get me to the point I need to be. So I had to figure out another way to beat Perry in a game of chess. I asked Mr. Whitmer and he said I should probably get a book full of chess theory.
  • Language
    • This was one of my favorite projects. I may even consider continuing it next quarter. I chose this project for many reasons. One of them being its my heritage. I am half Iraqi and I don't know Arabic. I found it useful to speak with some of my family members and friends. Its also a good project to learn because I have a good background in learning it. If I have questions I can ask my grandparents and my mom. Another reason I wanted to learn Arabic was because it would be a challenge to me. Learning languages that don't use the same script are usually viewed as harder. Throughout my whole life I aspired to learn a language (not necessarily Arabic) but I wanted to learn a language nonetheless. I also like speaking in different tongues and doing something different. All reasons to why I picked this project.
  • Piano
    • I chose this project for many reasons. One of the reasons was that It would further my piano skills. It would give time to work on my lesson songs. It would also help me learn new stuff. I could also learn new songs in my song book. This would also help me further expand my current knowledge of piano. For example I can practice my songs at thinkering, which means I could be ready for my next recital or practice. It could also give me an opportunity to try new and more harder songs, because instead of only sticking to my piano book, I can go above and beyond. This also gave me a chance to learn new skills on the piano. I learned how to play a ninth and many other things. I also had an opportunity to improve some of the new concepts I learned in my lessons. When I was playing one of my songs I got to improve my waltz base skills. Another reason I wanted to play piano is because I enjoy playing it very much. I love playing piano a lot and playing it in thinkering would make me very happy.
  • Guitar
    • I chose This project because I had many reasons to start it. One of my favorite things to do on my free time is to listen to music. In the music I listen to there is a prominent presence of the guitar. There's Guitar solo's, sometimes the guitar plays the rhythm or melody. But all of these takes time to learn. So I asked my Dad and he said he could give me his old guitar and buy me a chord book. He said chords are the base of playing the guitar. I wanted to play like these people in the songs I listened to. I also chose It because I very much enjoyed making music. Sometimes just strumming, Or maybe playing chords, I enjoyed it all. So I thought if I took the time to learn the guitar properly, I would not only be able to play a lot, but I would be able to play a wider variety of songs and chords. Another reason that I chose it was because once I could play songs and learned about the guitar more, I could go farther with the information I have. I heard Mr. Whitmer has a lot of cool programs and videos where you could learn guitar from experienced and skilled players. I thought I could also learn about how to tune the guitar and how to hold it. Finally the last reason I chose it was because of people like, Prince that didn't take a full term guitar course, but still turned out the best guitar player ever

  • Minecraft Stadium
    • I chose this project for many reasons. One of the reasons is I wanted to build a scale model of a stadium. This was an easy way to build a scale model and it did not require many supplies. This is because it was just a virtual stadium. Our goal was to build a scale model of a stadium. We wanted to make sure it was going to be as scale as possible. The stadium as we decided would be the super dome. The super dome is the St. Louis saints' stadium. The stadium is in a giant circular shape. We knew it was going to be hard to get the curvature correct, but we took on the challenge. When we built i think we may have built the curvature a bit too big. It was okay because we made a lot of progress on it. A challenge would be in the first quarter when we lost our project when the Minecraft updated. We were very sad we lost our work, but we happily started again. We addressed this issue by saving our world every day, so we don't lose our world again. This quarter we also started taking screen videos of our work. In these videos there was lots of information on what we are doing, what we have done and what we plan to do. Overall we made a lot of progress and I am proud of our work.
  • Minecraft Stadium
    • Our project is building a realistic football stadium in the minecraft system. We were planning to have it be scale to an actual stadium. one block in minecraft would equal up to 3 feet in real life. This means we had to look up the dimensions so we can build the stadium correctly. Originally we were going to build comerica park. We did not continue building comerica park because it did not have the dimensions online. We overcame this by finding a new stadium (the super dome) that had the dimensions available to us. We chose this project for many reasons. One of the reasons would be the architecture that went into the stadium. This caused us to us our minds to open up new ways to build a circle stadium.
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Top Reflections:

  • I/We learned...
    I learned many things this week. One of the things I learned about was the En Pessant. At first I was very confused as to why Perry just randomly took my pawn with his pawn without them being diagonal. Then Perry explained that it is a special pawn capture that can only occur after a pawn moves two ranks forward from its and an enemy pawn that could have captured it had it moved forward one square. After I learned this I was very surprised and I plan to use it in the future and hopefully surprise Perry. Another thing that I need to make sure I need to do next week is bring in my chess book from home and read it for half of the class. One of the reasons Perry beats me most of the time, is because he has a lot of experience on websites and books. Mayhap I will one day match Perry after all the time I put into researching chess.
    • I liked this reflection for many reasons. I liked it because it shows my growth in the subject of chess.

  • One way I/we showed resourcefulness was ...
    • When I practice Spanish while looking for Arabic lessons. When I kept looking for Arabic lessons, I really couldn't find something on the internet. I think I need to either get a book, or download a program on the internet. In the meantime I was furthering my Spanish expertise on duo lingo. It really helps for when I have Spanish 6th hour. I think there is not many free Arabic courses on the internet because it is a really hard language to teach and few people want to create a program that takes a lot of time and set it out for free. I found many paid Arabic programs (Rosetta stone ETC.) The language of Arabic is also one of the harder languages to speak, since it uses a different script and reads right to left. Another thing I did was instead of looking online for an Arabic course, I looked online for a Arabic book, or something physical in which I can study off of. One thing I also did was talk to my mom about finding the best way of learning Arabic, this really helped because she is a native speaker. One reason I talked to her was because she took many Arabic resources and knows many resources that helped her and will probably help me. All in all I did many things that showed resourcefulness to help me learn the language of Arabic
    • I chose this reflection for many reasons. I really liked how I explained what happened and I gave my reasoning as to why I think these things happened. An example of this would be when I mentioned there was no websites on learning Arabic, I then went on to explain why there wasn't. I really liked this reflection because not only did I mention what I did, but I also made sure to include why I think this is the way it is. I also included what I needed to do. This is good because if I want to look back another day I can see what I need to do and get it done. I also included stuff I did that really helped me learn the language. So if I'm stuck one day I can look back and see stuff that helped me and possibly continue this work.

  • What do I want to learn, -Own Prompt
    This week I was working with garage band. I was learning how to record different tracks and move them to different instruments. Now I am going to learn how to use more instruments. Like guitar and drums. When I learn all the cool features, maybe I can create my own long song with different instruments and different sounds. Or I could replicate a song that has already been composed. I also want to find some waltz base exercises so I can play the bass cleft in my song a little bit more smoothly. These are some things I want to learn going into recording my final song
    • I chose this reflections for many reasons. One of the reason I chose this reflections is because what I wanted to learn eventually came true. I went to find a good exercise for the waltz base and it helped with my song that I recorded. I also like this reflection because even though it was short, it explained very well what I want to learn. It was very descriptive for a short piece of work. Another reason this reflection was chosen among many other reflections was because of the prompt I created for it. The prompt could have gone many ways. For example, I could explain what I want to learn, then I could go on to explain how these things would help me with my piano skills and make my song I recorded on garageband sound more smooth and flow better. One of the reasons my waltz base in my song sounds smooth was because I exercised my waltz base skills.
  • A couple things I did and learned from was -Own Prompt
    This week Gian and I played a couple songs on yoiusician. We played first light and canon in D. We watched krenz videos for more education in what we are learning and to get a better understanding of the guitar itself and how to play it. We also looked up some easy one chord songs and attempted and playing a little bit of some of the songs. We learned on how to hold the guitar and how to tune it. So now I now how to tune my guitar on my own. Tuning is important because If the guitar is not tuned it doesn't sound as good as it does when it is tuned. Its also good to play some songs on yousician because it warms up my hands.
    • I liked this reflection very much. It really explains what I did that class period. The reflection also shows what songs I played. It also goes on to explain what else I did. I said I learned some chords on krenz. I then go on to explain what I did with my new found knowledge. I went on to go to the internet to try and find some songs I could play, because I learned some chords on krenz. I tried my best to find some songs that have the chords I learned in them. I also Did a little finger exercises on krenz, which helped my fingers warm up. It also shows that I went on yousicisan and played some songs that helped me with reading tabs. I also looked at some tab songs because I just played some tabs. I also learned about tuning my guitar. Which is very important in the world of guitars. Finally I learned how to hold the guitar properly.
  • One way I showed perseverance was when
    One way I showed perseverance was when we were building our base of the super dome. We kept trying at making sure the curvature was correct. We kept trying to make sure it was right. We preserved at making the base correct. We eventually got it to work out. We kept trying till it worked. We also kept using our skills to make the project better and adding things to it so it works out better. We also usually checked over our project to make sure everything is fine.
    • I chose this reflection because it best shows what we accomplished that week. It also shows how we kept trying at what we were doing. Another it shows is that In our project one of the curvatures. The reflection shows how much we persevered and worked hard towards what we are doing. In the reflection it explains how we used our skill set towards what we are doing and used it to add towards what we had. Finally it shows we check up on our project which is good because it shows how we are on top of things.
  • This week I/we took the proper time for the job when ...
    W figured out the diameter and height of the superdome. We then figured out it was a circle so we only needed the diameter and height to build. we were finally able to start building because we found what we needed in order to start building. It was also good because joining worlds between our partner group was not a problem. We utilized our time to start building on minecraft. All in all we had a very productive session today.
    • I chose this reflection because it explains correctly what we did that day. The thing we did was very productive ad I think I explained how and why. I also like it because we overcame a problem that day. The problem was finding a new stadium and getting it dimensions successfully. We that day found the needed information to carry on our project. It also resolved the fact that the super dome was a circle. Which we later built the base for.

Top Critiques:

  • One thing you could do is when you get more advanced you could possibly make videos teaching beginners on basic yoga moves.

    • I liked this critique for many reasons. It really showed that I actually payed attention to what maggie said and what she was doing. This critique was good because it gave them a chance to advance to the next level. Once they make videos on the beginner moves they could possibly start making videos about more challenging moves. It takes one skills to actually learn and do something. Teaching that skill is harder and takes more experience. If they did this they would grow as people of yoga.
Feb 28, 2017

  • Maybe you could make a couple games for people to have options when playing them.
    • I liked this critique for many reasons. Jaylens project was making a game on javascript. They only had an idea of making one game. Which was great but I saw a problem. When it comes to people playing games they want options. So I suggested they make more than one games. So people will play their games. But when they come to it they have options to chose from. So if they only play one game, they may come back to play others, because there is more than one option. People also might play more because they have a lot of games to play, so they will play longer and more consistently.

  • 1/24/17 One of my suggestions would be to possibly is to add some villagers to give the park more of an amusement park environment.
    • I liked the critique and chose it for many reasons. One of the reasons I chose this critique was because If used it would be great towards what they are trying to accomplish. Jaylen's group wanted to make and amusement park, and one of the things almost always at an amusement park is people, so once I heard that there was no people I gave a plausible solution that would make the park, well, more park like. This critique also shows I asked the necessary questions for my critique, I made sure they didn't already have people before I gave the critique. Finally my last reason is that Jaylen was very open to my suggestion and complimented me for asking it, he also said he would use it, which was my whole intention.
  • I think it would be a good idea to have a simple entrance. This would provide you more time to focus on you actual rides. I like how you are figuring out new things with your red stone. this will definitely help you with your roller coasters and other rides.
    • I chose this critique because it explained what i thought about their project. It also explained what their project needed. I liked it because i really wrote down what they needed. I also explained what they can do to make it better
  • Suggestion: I think since now you can make a website, you could dedicate that website to teaching other people on how to make websites.
    • I chose this reflection for many reasons. I liked it because it was a great suggestion. Jaylen (the person this reflection was dedicated to) knew how to make a working website. He could make a whole other project on maybe making a website. Considering he does this project, he could teach many other people on what he knows in making websites, he could share the knowledge so to speak. I also liked it because it was very unique. No one in our peer critique thought of the idea. The last reason I chose it was because I took a lot of time and effort to think of something as thoughtful and helpful as I did.

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