Top Projects:

  • Minecraft
    • This project was about learning what I can do in minecraft. I learned many things and that minecraft is just not a computer game there is much more to it. This game gave me lots of things to learn about and goals to set and achieve. Once me and another person started doing minecraft many others did. All of the other people helped me learn how to do stuff and I helped them. On My page I did the part lower Where it says JWR2 Minecraft Page
  • Edit project ( At bottom of page )
    • I choose this project for many reasons. For example I thought this project was cool because i got to do something i like which is smashing fruit and add video effects to it. Adding video effects to the videos made the video 100% better we could make them go slo mo and play backwards which look really cool on camera.
  • GameStarMechanic ( see at bottom of page )
    • I choose this project because it was challenging to earn characters and stuff i need to create good games. I ended up making about 10 games and they were pretty good and you can see them at the bottom of this page.

Top Reflections:

  • Today I went mining and found iron and i will post a scrrenshot. But i also made a chest and a bed and i will post screenshots of that two. Today was new because to other people joined our world.
    • I choosed to highlight this reflection because It was a good day where is achieved my plan for the day with no problems. I was going to go mining and i did and posted screenshots. But I also got more screenshots up of me making a chest. "Copy/paste a favorite reflection here."
  • We learned that tomatos dont smash like we thought. We learned that when the hit the ground it opens a little then juice comes out but thats not the effect we wanted so we ditched the tomato idea. We plan to start adding more effercts to our videos because we realized we havent been adding alot of effects. The reason we thought the tomato would work was because itwas squishy bit it didnt work.
    • I choose to highlight this reflection because it shows that i really learned something from this project by learning about tomatoes. Also that i realized we havent been adding that much effects so I knew to start adding more.
  • I made a new game and posted it to my portfolio. But i also looked at other peoples games and there games gave me ideas for a new game next class. next class i wil continue making games.
    • I choosse to highlight this project because it was one of my first projects i put a good effort into to suceed at. It was hard to earn characters and backrounds to make my games good to get alot of plays. This project took effort but it was still fun.

All Projects:

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