JTL2's Portfolio


Top Projects:

  • NCAA 14
    • Well, NCAA 14 is a video game that I own. It is a game where you can play football and you can play exhibitions playoffs and much more. So the theme of my project is to look at the game, compare it to other games and explore the magic and awesome graphics in the game.
  • GarageBand JTL2
    • I picked garage band because it is a fun app that allows you to play around and explore with different instruments. Also you could make a song and upload it to things and much more. I recommend it as a project!

Top Reflections:

  • working on graphics comparison for NBA 2k 14 and madden 25 and ncaa 14
this is a very important reflection because it got really difficult and I pushed through and got it done!

  • Start building my basement to my house.
  • this was important to me because when I first started I did not know what to do then I thought i would build a basement to my house. And it turned out great!

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All Projects:

Movie Project Proposal

NBA Proposal

NBA 2k 14!!

Fantasy Football

Minecraft PE Proposal

Minecraft pe