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Top Projects:

  • rollercoasters
    • Me and my friend John Pual chose this project becuase we both have a interest in some of the worlds scariest and fastest roller coasters. This project is about how rollercoasters are built and how they can defy the laws of gravity well going faster than a car. I learned that though some rollercoasters are fun like the ThunderHawk others can make even the bavest of adults scream like a little girl. I learned that hough you can't see them many little hidden hinges and magnets are keeping every little cart on the rollercoaster from falling when you do a flip. The scariest rollercoaster I found and alot of other people voted for was the Millenium Force it is locatedin Sandusky Ohio at Ceder Point.
  • Minecraftarmor and survival
    • I chose this project becuase I just started minecraft at my house and I wanted to learn how to use all the resources and tools. This project is about what you need to survive like armor and weapons and how to customize the armor and weapons if you want to. I learned that some of the things in minecraft actually relate to things in real life like flint and steel can make a fire no matter what and when you eat carrots your eyesight increases by a little bit. I found that the higher your house is the more monsters and attackers are atracted to your house. You can color your clothes with lapiz lazuli and bone meal put together.
  • Bottle rockets
    • I chose this project becuase me and John Pual wanted to do a project together and we got the idea of a bottle rocket from another group. We found the right supplies mentos and pop.We failed the first time becuase it lost to much pop for it to take off. We had a backup plan from the beginning to do a volcanoe if the bottle rocket didn't work. We might have just ended it when the bottle rocket didn't work. We have used alot of supplies so we might just be done becuase of that too.
  • stopmotion by JP and JT
    • I chose stopmotion because I thought that it would be an interesting project to do. I learned how to use the ghost function on some cameras to make the objects look like they are moving. I also learned how to get iphone information downloaded onto a computer. The stopmotion videos we made ended up being short because of interruptions. The stopmotion projects ended up as a small success.Making the videos took a long time but they tuaght everything we need to know about stopmotion.
  • Scratch 1
    • I chose Scratch to learn how to make games. I have made 2 so far. One Scratch is just a simple race but the other is a race on a race track.The second took a lot longer but I am still learning how to post them online. I have done all that is needed but haven't posted them.
  • Minecraft Lessons
    • I chose this project because I felt that it would be a challenge to make the videos of minecraft. To get screen cast to work would be the first step. Then I would have to get all the supplies on minecraft. The last challenge would be to get it all into a one to two minute video. When it all comes together it jwill show people how to do things in minecraft that are hard to figure out.

Top Reflections:

  • I chose this reflection becuase it explains how me and JP worked the project.
    • (Today I learned that I am not that good at linking websites on the wiki. I learned today that with my partner we can switch off between linking websites to the wiki and testing those websites. I learned today that if you use more than one search engine at a time is faster and easier than searching different things on the same search engine.)
  • I chose this one becuase it explains why it takes so long to finish minecraft.
    • (I learned you can never plan what you do in minecraft. Your house blow up or you'll get attacked by skeletons and zombies. If you have all the right supplies when you get back on everything is gone from your chest and your own stuff isn't there. I learned to finish what I'm doing it when I am doing it.)
  • I chose this reflection becuase it explains how the bottle rocket didn't work.
    • (We learned that we can't use just the bottle to make the rocket. When we tried to open it it was to fizzy to put the mentos in. I wonder if we can do to the project without mentos. I wonder if putting baking soda in first will help? We might not be able to do the project so we might do a volcanoe.)
  • I chose this reflection because it shows why we had to use an ipod to make the video.
    • (This week we learned the software on this is to old for windows video maker. We then downloaded a stopmotion app which we will use to get the videos online.This will come in handy for getting them from the ipod to the internet.)
  • I chose this reflection because it shows what I did that gave me the idea to make a race.
    • (I made another more detailed scratch. I learned how to make pictures into sprites in scratch. I still have to learn how to make it so the sprites can't go out of the race track.)
  • I chose this reflection because it was when I first figured out all of the supplies I will need for this project.
    • (I found my project and started my proposal. I learned what I need to record minecraft.I also learned how to download screencast.)

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