JTA2 Portfolio

Top Projects:

For my third quarter project, Oliver and I are going to create a company named Rebound. Rebound is a company that sells shirts, hats and other types of clothing. When we are enough money, we will expand into skateboards and skis. We have learned google sites, different ways to create an IMovie, and how to manage and run a business. So far this has been a great learning experience for Oliver and I, and we will continue this for next year as well. This knowledge, I feel that this will impact us for the rest of our lives.

For my second quarter project, I decided to try something new, 3-D printing. I have never done 3-D printing before, and so it felt like a great project for me. 3-D printing is such a big craze right now, so I felt that it would be useful to get to know the topic and practice it. 3-D printing is the future, and I would need this knowledge so I can teach others when the time has come, and I will be excited to learn more. I feel that the many amounts of knowledge I have learned will be beneficial in later times.

For my project this year, I decided to learn to play the guitar. Learning guitar was fun, but it definitely challenged me. This has definitely been my hardest project, with many failures. Even though I failed, I feel that I learned more about myself as a person and a worker. I feel that this project has made me realize how I work, and how I work alone. This is my first project alone, so I wanted to see if I would fail, or not be as successful as if I was with a partner. This project entertained me, and it helped me grow as a person. This project helped me find guitar things to work on, and also personal things to work on.

  • All Star Edits
  • This project was probably my favorite. I liked that we got to do something that we both enjoy and make videos about it. This project is a huge success and we are going to work on it until the end of the year. I think this will make a good Maker Faire project because you can so do many cool and interesting things with iMovie and the Downie software. For the Maker Faire we will show what we do to make the videos. We will show the process, the software and how to edit in general. (6th)

  • Minecraft FINAL Project JTA2 2016-2017 (Cont)
  • I chose to highlight this project because I loved it and loved continuing to do it. I am now working with Gray and Connor and we're making a huge minecraft world. (6th)

  • Minecraft Final Project Page
    • I chose to highlight this project because I loved this project. I like creating and using my imagination so I thought a Minecraft project would be perfect for me. I had a fun time building and exploring Minecraft this quarter! (6th)
  • Kerbal Space Project

    • I was very excited to do this project and I'm glad I chose it. This project is super fun and I love learning about mechanism so this project fits me perfectly! I made some changes to this project by making screencasts and uploading videos and making a Kerbal Space channel. Kerbal is a super fun project!
  • Lego Robot Proposal JTA2 GSG2
    • It was the first project I ever done in thinkering and I am very proud of it. I really like Legos so this project was very exciting to do. I never knew anything about robotics or programming so this was a huge opportunity for me to learn something new. Also, collages give out scholarships for robotics and programming so I might be on a great way to my future. I never done anything like this and it was SUPER fun! I look forward to do some more programming in my future with all this knowledge!!! (6th)

Top Reflections:

  • we had a breakthrough when

    we made a to-do list and our standards for Q3 (not school quarters, Rebound quarter) and we have a lot of work to do. We now have a good way to document what we do each week and we now have a template of what we need to do. We have a packet showing what we need to do, to be successful for this rebound quarter. We also have goals we need to get done, so we are always working hard 24/7. We are very excited to use this new method in our work daily.
I chose to highlight this reflection because it gave us a new perspective to work on Rebound. This will help us in many ways when we do work from now on, and help us later in life. We can now focus on what we need to do, to be effective for this Rebound Quarter. We have gotten a lot work done with this process, and we now have goals for this rebound quarter. This is an awesome process and this will help us get our standards done!
  • One thing I learned this week...

    I learned how to group objects to make one big shape, and to group hole objects and normal objects to create objects with holes in them. This will help my projects grow, as I can now combine my work to one shape for better printing results. Using this knowledge, I can make more advanced projects. My projects that I will be working on now, will be Christmas related to bring cheer to the season and to have around my house to celebrate the holidays ||
This reflection helped me realize what all I've learned about a topic, that is so new, that nobody really knows about it, but so many people do it. I felt that, after this week, I could do more advanced projects, and learn more based on those projects. I felt that I could always be learning in 3-D printing, and I could learn more. For every project after this reflection, there was holes in them, knowledge I learned and used from previous lessons and experience.

  • What surprised you?
  • Something that surprised me is that I work better alone. I realized today that I don't distract/get distracted when I work alone. I feel that working alone would be better for me because I can choose my own path in my project. I also realized that not getting distracted or being distracting provides a better work environment for my peers. I think a better work environment will work better for my peers so that they can work their hardest and best and achieve their full potential.

This reflection really opened my eyes and inspired me. I feel that this made me work better and it basically solved a major problem for me, getting distracted. I also found out many personal things, for example, I learned that working alone for me is better, so I can control my project and choose it's path. Also, the fact that I learn a lot more when I do the project hands on, and not my peer do it and I talk them through it and they make the item. When I worked hands on, I learned everything and I felt that I could be a lot more successful than if me and my partner do it together.

  • We learned
  • How to get our 'city evaluation bars' up. The bars help us know what part of our city needs help.(traffic, health, environment, safety, etc) This game is really cool because you can make your own sim and drive them in cars and walk them around. This project is really fun and I can't wait to continue it!

I chose this reflection because when we found this out, it was a game changer for our project. Using this knowledge, we made our cities better. Although I did not use Simcity for one of my "Top Projects" I feel that we failed but learned a lot. Our cities were not that great but we at least knew how to play. It was a cool learning experience but we did not feel that we were very successful. Honestly, we would be terrible mayors. But, without the game, we would have been worse. It was a great
simulation and I had a lot of fun doing the project. I feel that we learned a lot, in a topic that nobody really learns about and it would be a great thing to teach and share to my peers and others in my daily life.

  • Our goals for this project are...

    To make at least one video per week. Today we achieved a lot, we got two videos done this week and they were uploaded to our All-Star Edits channel. We have had prior success in our videos, one of our videos has 88 views! Ethan and I are very proud and hoping that our next two videos will get at least 50 views. So far a video we posted Wednesday already has 13 views! We are loving this project and hoping our videos and channel gets very popular.

    • I chose this reflection because it shares and expresses our success and one of the best part of our project so far. This reflection shares our goals and what our viewers and what we expect on for the videos and our channel. The project has been popular on youtube and our top video has over 120 views! Our future goals will be to try to make more videos that become really popular. We hope our channel can grow and be extremely popular!

  • One way I collaborated with others was

    • I made a castle with 2 of my peers. Gray and Connor and I started a castle world and we are putting all of our strengths together to make a successful Castle. With my imagination, Gray's knowledge and Connor's building skills, we are bound for success!

I chose this reflection because it was the start of my project. My friends and I started this based on this reflection and our project is based on each other, so this is the perfect reflection for our project

  • I don't understand ...

    When I was working on my intro, I would have to pay money to remove a watermark. I have no clue why companies do this to you. I decided to just leave it with the watermark just because I did not want to pay for an amazing intro. When I started minecraft, I had trouble making houses. I decided my house will be a shelter and I will live right next to town hall in my village.

    • Because it was a HUGE problem I ran into playing minecraft.
  • I had hard fun when...the rocket launch failed and I thought about how I can fix that problem. I figured out that you need to go to the launch stage to send it to space(if the rocket makes it)

      • I really liked this reflection because I had some problems with the program and I realized I could make it a reflection! It reminds me to always keep on keeping on and trying again. Plus, it teaches me to problem solve, NOT to complain.
    • We will know we have succeeded when...

we have our video on the mac and we will be done!
we are very excited that we completed our first lego nxt programmer robot. we are adding touch sensors so when it hits a wall, it will stop. :)
    • It reminds us how we have done really well and it tells us everyday to follow your dreams and nothing is impossible! Plus, I didn't even know there was a touch sensor, so that proves how much I knew at the beginning! We were very excited to be almost finished, and we didn't think the project would go by this fast! I had an amazing time to work on this project and figure out how to program it!

Top Critiques:

  • How can you document your progress? You would probably want to find a way to. Maybe you could create a robot that could go and hug/pet someone
Aside from the robot that can pet someone, it would be helpful to document your progress. I decided to show this one because I felt that this helped my peer's project. If you can document your work, it will be easier to show and present to others. This critique has influenced my peer greatly. Im happy that this critique made their project better, and more fun.
  • How will you know you have hit your success point? You could try to evaluate your cakes and tell your blog friends how to make your cakes.
    I chose this critique because it made my peer realize that they need to know when they have successfully completed their project. They need to understand when the project is complete, and they have been successful in their project. If they did not realize when they were successful, they would either finish early, and not be successful, or never be successful in their project. This person never shared their goal, so I wanted to help them find their goal.
  • what will you show at the maker faire about the process?
    • I chose this critique because it made my partner think about how he will share his project. The Maker Faire is coming up soon and I want to know how he will share how he did his project at the Maker Faire. He did not say how he was going to share so I critiqued him on that. I feel that this critique made him a lot better at the maker faire and it was a cool project and it had a good presentation.

  • Make more videos

I chose this one because it helped my partner to understand what he should expand on in his project

  • Probably make different codings to see which one you like best

I chose this one because It helped my partner with his project more

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