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Top Projects: 2015-2016

  • Oobleck Project Page

    • This project was extremely challenging due to a lack of time to complete it. Evan and I had to work very hard to finish this project since we had such a little amount of time. We faced many challenging through out the project but we overcame them with hard work. We had trouble finding the needed ingredients so we had to find alternative ways to make it with what we had. Our first product was a failure and was not very good, nut we kept trying and made a successful goo that was stretchy and worked.
  • Jack And Evans Steph Edit Project

    • I think Evan and I did very good on this project, and we worked extremely hard to make it perfect. Evan did the editing and color changes to the project, while I found the clips and music that we used. We both always had something to work on during this project. It was our last edit project and we had lots of experience so this one came out the best of all of them. I think this project was a success in every way, we made a great video, learned about how the computers work and developed better team work skills.

  • Jack.Evan.Basketball.ProjectPage
    • This project was a success Evan and I. It was hard to find videos during this project, that were useable and not copyrighted. But we worked through it and found enough to fulfill our videos needs. During this project I thought it would be impossible and we would never actually finish it. But we kept going and working till we found the videos, found a song, and found the right transitions.

  • Jack And Evan Football Edit Project

    • I choose this project for many reasons. We had never done anything like it before so it was quite challenging and we faced many problems. One part that was hard was converting and finding the videos that were used as resources. We also had great success, although we faced many challenges we kept going and not only learned how to do it we were able to help others doing similar projects. This project was a great learning experience and was also very fun.

Top Reflections: 2015-2016

  • this week I/we had a breakthrough...This week we had a major breakthrough in our Oobleck/Goo project. We figured out a way to make our first goo using Borax, Glue and water. It was okay and made a goo but did not work and stretch and have the ability to re-attach broken pieces to itself when it is dry. We plan on making a new Goo with different but similar ingredients to make it work better, our idea was to swap out the borax with a liquid starch solution, this would give it a more stretchy ability. I think if we do this we will get better results and a more interesting product. Type 3: Prioritizing, Planning, and Managing for Results

    • I choose this reflection for many different positive reasons. It was a very good day for Evan and I and we had finally had been successful with our Oobleck project. We had figured out a way to make our goo and ways we can make it better and more responsive the next time. I also choose this reflections because it was my first type 3 reflection I have ever written before. It shows planning for what we will do next and how we can manage to improve our results. Those are some of the many reasons I choose this reflection.

  • Type 2 What You Learned About Yourself -- We made our video a lot longer. We found a Song that fits perfectly inside of our video. We learned how to use transitions to make our video delayed so that music can mix in to the videos plays. I learned that when I work on a separate computer I can accomplish more on my own and we can get lots done.

    • This reflection shows a great day that we had. We had made great progress with our video. And had finally found a good song for our video (which has felt like the one impossible thing to do during every edit video). I also learned something about the way that I work, and how I can do the most when I am the boss of myself.

  • Type 2 What You Learned About Yourself. We made our video a lot longer. We found a Song that fits perfectly inside of our video. We learned how to use transitions to make our video delayed so that music can mix in to the videos plays. I learned that when i work on a separate computer I can accomplish more on my own and we can get lots done.

    • I think this is one of my strongest reflections of the year. I learned something very important about the way I work. I learned that when I take charge of my self I have less boundaries and can complete more than I could ever before. This is evidence of a day I learned by trying something new and was very productive.

  • " If we had a do over ... I would have worked a little harder because we had lots to get done to finish our project in time to work on something else, Evan was trying to finish very hard but i was not doing so well. But we buckled down and finally we finished, I also learned that when working in a team project it is key to do your part or you can't get anything done.

    • I choose this reflection for many reasons. It showed a day were we had trouble and didn't do our best. But we did work very hard that day to get past our challenges. This day was not our best but was one were we worked hard and over came challenges.

Top Critique: 2015-2016

  • When you guys make food you should give it to the whole class so that everyone can try it and give you feedback about why it is good and how you can make it better.

    • I think this is one of my most important and helpful review I have made yet. It is something that can be accomplished and would be very good for their project to do. I think that this is a very good critique and would greatly improve their results. I think it would make them get to involve the class and be able to improve the food they make and not just make it once and move on.

  • I think you should make wiki page that has what you've made and challenges you've crossed.

    • Their where quiet a lot of reasons why I choose this critique. One reason I choose this critique is because I thought it gave good advice and would help make their project better. I think this critique was one of my best so far and it was my only one so far. I think that this is my best critique so far.
  • I think you should link the game to the wiki page so people can play it

    • There are only a few reasons why I choose this critique but it was not completely based on quality. I think the critique was okay and gave decent advice on something they should do. But I really choose this because it is the only other critique I had to use.

Top Projects: 2014-2015

  • JST2 Gamestar Mechanic Page

    • I have Put my level I made on this page. So far i have faced some challenges not being able to beat my games and to publish them. My favorite thing was playing challenges and other peoples games and finding ideas from them.

  • Sim City

    • I choose this project because it one of my only ones. I worked very hard on this project and it was not always so fun. Sometimes me and Nate had lots of problems but overcame them. Our final product was very good and our city had high bars.

Top Reflections: 2014-2015

  • Today I had "hard fun" When i was trying to beat my levels that i made but i couldn't but the levels are very fun. It was not as hard when i tried to make my games but that was a lot easier.

    • I choose this reflection because it shows how i had a lot of fun but i faced challenges because i cant beat my levels so i can't publish them.

  • I want to learn how to find out what kinds of games are the most popular so i can make my game good. I want to learn how to beat the challenges and find tricks for how to play them.

    • I choose this because it shows what i want to accomplish with Gamestar and see what I can do.

  • I/we know I have succeeded... I have completed my journey and kept one of my pups safe. My best pup Big N'dog has stayed alive. He is grown up and now I am having my new pups

    • I choose this reflection because it was when I finished wolf quest. I succeeded on this project and it was very fun and never dull. I also choose this project because it shows when I had made it to my new site and when I did good as a father of my now grown up pup. It also shows when I had finally succeeded as a wolf.

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