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  • Minecraft Normasn village (It ended up not being norman... it's really justa cool village.)
    • This project started as an olden style Norman village, and now its a full blown awesome minecraft town. funny how that sort of thing can change huh? Actually we originally planned for it to just be a small midevial village.
  • The original minecraft project.
    • I don't want to toot my own horn, but this BCS Minecraft craze? Yeah, I pioneered it. I've been playing minecraft for as long as I can remember and I wanted to incorporate it into school. so here it is.
    • I've never really been great at drawing on a computer. In fact, I've never even been an expert at drawing pencil and paper style, so learning how to utilize the resources and make "Art" was a bigger challenge than I thought.
    • I've always wanted a videogame. We're making sacrifices, it's going to be a gamemode for an existing game but it's going to be awesome.
  • We're youtube celebrities now! (Kinda)
    • Well, here we go. I talked a little about this in my last reflection.
  • Well that was short lived.
    • I had a quick game reviewing project during the beginning of this year.

Top Reflections

  • "I finished my courtyard, and now I am starting a new world so I can test out how I could make a wither in the middle of town without it killing everyone. it cant get out or else my own is as good as dead. :S I gotta make this work."
    • I like this one mainly because my plan was set in stone and ready to go, but my means of success were... not so ready. Those Withers are really strong, and I knew that.
  • I found a new awesome intro for my minecraft vids. I think if I just loosen up and have fun with filming my vids I might crank out some awesome videos! I'm my own channel no more modeling after the yogscast.
    • I like this one because this was basically me braking out my youtube shell. I no longer wanted to model myself after someone else. that was pretty cool.
  • I finished my project and hope to migrate to a new film making project with Nic.
    • I hadn't worked with Nic in a while, so it was an exiting opportunity to work with my best friend.
  • We're making progress on the game. We hope to get some more funding over break. The game will get better over time, but right now it's not so great.
    • I'm actually in the middle of funding as I write this. This one is a favorite because it's the biggest project we've done so far, with real funding and hiring and everything. It feels awesome.
  • Working on game trailer remixes keeps me busy while the guys get some miscellaneous content sorted out. If you value your sanity, don't watch their videos. I'm going to have one or two more trailers done by next week.
    • I like this one just because It embodies the feel of my relationship with the guys, and the feel I want our channel to have. Just some guys having fun.
  • Code is fun, but I sure do wish FOR ONE DAY WE COULD JUST MAYBE HAVE THE WHOLE TEAM TOGETHER FOR FILMING AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! But y'know, stuff is going well. Next class I hope to either get further into python, or maybe start producing some content.
    • I snapped. For the first time, I snapped. Huh.

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